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Closed Access item Synthesis, structures, and luminescence behavior of mixed metal alkynyl platinumcadmium complexes

Authors:Fernández, Julio F.
Forniés, Juan
Gil, Belén
Gómez, Julio
Lalinde, Elena
Moreno, M. Teresa
Issue Date:21-Mar-2006
Publisher:American Chemical Society
Citation:Organometallics 25(9): 2274–2283 (2006)
Abstract:This article describes the preparation, characterization, and optical properties of new bi- and trinuclear tweezer-type platinum cadmium derivatives, stabilized by η2-alkyne−cadmium bonding. Treatment of Q2[cis-Pt(C6F5)2(CCR)2] (1a−1c) with CdCl2·2,5 H2O (1:1) produces dinuclear Pt−Cd adducts Q2[{cis-Pt(C6F5)2(μ-κCα:η2-CCR)2}(CdCl2)] (Q = NBu4, R = t-Bu 2a; Q = PMePh3, R = Ph 2b; R = Tol 2c). However, reaction of (NBu4)2[cis-Pt(C6F5)2(CCR)2] with Cd(NO3)2·4H2O produces trinuclear Pt2Cd dianionic complexes (NBu4)2[{cis-Pt(C6F5)2(μ-κCα:η2-CCR)2}2Cd] (3a−3c). The analogous (PMePh3)2[{cis-Pt(C6F5)2(μ-κCα:η2-CCR)2}2Cd] (R = Ph 3b‘; Tol 3c‘) were prepared similarly starting from (PMePh3)2[cis-Pt(C6F5)2(CCR)2]. The crystal structures of 2c and 3a,b show that the cadmium center is well embedded by the cis-bis(alkyne)platinate entities, leading to planar PtC4Cd cores. In the heterometallic species, the low-energy absorption, which is ascribed to an admixture of π → π*(CCR) IL/dπ(Pt) → π*(CCR) MLCT, exhibits a clear hypsochromic shift compared to its precursors, probably due to the existence of a lesser delocalization on the alkynyl fragments upon the η2-complexation. The arylalkynyl derivatives (b, c) display intense structured emission bands, arising from 3ππ*(CCR) (IL) and/or mixed 3ππ*/Pt(dπ)(CCR) → π*(CCR) (3MLCT) manifolds with a predominant IL character.
Description:10 pages, 9 figures, 4 tables.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/om051094u
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