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Open Access item Pagnino, Servet y Arias Montano. Avatares de una Traducción Latina de la Biblia Hebrea

Authors:Fernández Marcos, Natalio
Fernández Tejero, Emilia
Keywords:Filología bíblica, Humanismo, Inquisición, Exégesis, Biblical Philology, Humanism, Inquisition, Exegesis
Issue Date:2003
Publisher:Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (España)
Citation:Sefarad: revista de estudios hebraicos, sefardíes y de Oriente, Vol. 63, Nº. 2, 2003, pags. 183-218
Abstract:Miguel Servet is hardly known as a biblical scholar. Nevertheless, the marginal notes included in his edition of Pagninus's Bible (Lyon 1542) are commonly attributed to him. In this article the characteristics of such notes are analysed, giving especial attention to the notes erased by the Spanish Inquisition in the volume which is preserved at the Madrid National Library. Servet's authorship of these notes is discussed as well as his knowledge of the Hebrew language by means of a comparison between the notes themselves and the use of Hebrew in his theological works. In contrast, the enormous philological value of Pagninus's edition, corrected by Arias Montano and published in the Antwerp Polyglot, emphasized.
ISSN:0037-0894 (Print)
1988-0894 (Online)
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