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Closed Access item Mediterranean and Black Sea,FAO Statistical Area 37

Authors:Lleonart, Jordi
Issue Date:2005
Publisher:Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
Citation:FAO Marine Resources Service, Fishery Resources Division. Review of the state of world marine fishery resources. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper. No. 457. Rome, FAO. 2005. 235p: 49-64, 220-221.
Abstract:This document updates the regular reviews of the state of the worlds marine fisheries and fishery resources, based mainly on official catch statistics throughout 2002 and relevant stock assessment and other complementary information available until 2004. The introductory chapters refer to the global situation and major trends of world marine capture fish production and the state of the world marine fishery resources. More detailed information is provided for each FAO statistical area, together with a discussion of the major trends and changes that have occurred with the main fishery resources exploited in each area and comments on the stock assessment work undertaken in support of fisheries management in each region. Special sections address the global issue of tunas and tuna-like species and other high profile topics such as those dealing with world squid resources, deep-sea fisheries and long-term climate change and fisheries. Summary tables are provided for each statistical area showing historical and recent catches for the major marine resources and judgements on their most current state of exploitation.
Description:16 pages,8 figures,1 table
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