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Closed Access item Genesis of filamentary pyrite associated with calcite crystals.

Authors:K. Bonev, Ivan
García Ruiz, Juan Manuel
Atanassova, Radostina
Otalora, Fermín
Petrussenko, Svetoslav
Keywords:Crystal morphology, Filamentary crystals, Calcite, Filamentary pyrite, Contemporaneous growth
Issue Date:Nov-2005
Publisher:Schweizerbart science publishers
Citation:European Journal of Mineralogy 17(6): 905-913 (2005)
Abstract:The calcite of the hydrothermal Surneshko Kladenche copper vein deposit from the Rossen ore field, Bulgaria, sometimes encloses peculiar filamentary pyrite crystals. Three successive calcite generations were observed belonging to a low-temperature (<235°C) carbonate paragenesis formed in open cavities of the ore veins after the main chalcopyrite mineralisation. Three generations of pyrite crystals are associated with these calcite crystals: pyrite 1, with [001] elongated columnar crystals which crystallised in open space; pyrite 2, in groups of long (up to 10 mm) sub-parallel tortuous filaments of varying thickness (3-20 µm) which are oriented nearly perpendicular to the surfaces of a transient w{315} scalenohedral calcite crystal zone; and pyrite 3, made of slightly elongated small crystals, located in the outermost v{211} zone of the same scalenohedral calcite crystals. The columnar pyrite 1 is formed by subsequent thickening of thin straight whiskers rapidly grown under diffusional regime, whereas the filamentary pyrite 2 and 3 grew contemporaneously with the enclosing calcite crystal.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1127/0935-1221/2005/0017-0905
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