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Título : Integrating empirical and heuristic knowledge in a KBS to approach stream eutrophication
Autor : Llorens, Esther, Comas, J., Martí, Eugènia, Riera, Joan L., Sabater, Francesc
Palabras clave : Eutrophication
Knowledge-based system
Water quality
Fecha de publicación : 24-Sep-2009
Editor: Elsevier
Citación : Ecological Modelling, 2009. 220(18): p. 2162-2172.
Resumen: The nutrient enrichment of rivers and its consequences are among the most severe water quality problems in Europe, causing eutrophication and other problems. The decision-making processes involved in the management of these problems require extensive human expertise from people who deal directly with day-to-day stream problems, as well as empirical knowledge based on scientific research. This means that eutrophication is a complex problem, the optimal management of which requires an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. This approach can be taken using a Knowledge-Based System (KBS) built upon the concepts and methods of human reasoning. Accordingly, a KBS was developed within the STREAMES project. In this KBS most of the knowledge needed for managing eutrophication problems was organised and structured in the form of a decision tree (DT). The methodology specially developed to build this KBS, as well as the internal structure of the eutrophication decision tree, is presented here. The good DT obtained led to consider the KBS a suitable tool to support the management of eutrophication.
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DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2009.06.012
Citación : Ecological Modelling, 2009. 220(18): p. 2162-2172.
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