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Open Access item CO2 mitigation for steelmaking using charcoal and plastics wastes as reducing agents and secondary raw materials

Authors:Hanrot, F.
Sert, D.
Delinchant, J.
Pietruck, R.
Bürgler, T.
Babich, A.
Fernández López, Miguel
Álvarez García, Ramón
Díez Díaz-Estébanez, M.ª Antonia
Keywords:Coal, Charcoal, Plastic wastes, Cokemaking, Blast furnace, Steelmaking, CO2 mitigation
Issue Date:Nov-2009
Series/Report no.:S05-4
Abstract:The effects of the partial substitution of coal by charcoal or plastic wastes at two stages of the iron production, coking plant and blast furnace, were investigated in terms of the quality of the coke produced and the gasification behaviour in the raceway. From an environmental point of view, the routes proposed bring various potentials in terms of reducing CO2 emissions. The more efficient CO2 reductions ranging from 2 to 28 % imply the availability of biomass grown and charcoal production in a sustainable way, or C-neutral classification of plastic wastes.
Description:En: 1st Spanish National Conference on Advances in Materials Recycling and Eco – Energy Madrid, 12-13 November 2009.-- Editors: F. A. López, F. Puertas, F. J. Alguacil and A. Guerrero.-- 4 pages, 1 figure.
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