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Open Access item Secondary electron emission and photoemission studies on surface films of carbon nitride

Authors:Ripalda, J. María
Montero, I.
Vázquez, Luis
Raboso, D.
Galán, L.
Keywords:Fullerenes, Graphite, Diamond-like carbon, Nitrogen, Thin films, Secondary electron emission, Photoelectron spectra, Ion-surface impact
Issue Date:24-Feb-2006
Publisher:American Institute of Physics
Citation:Journal of Applied Physics 99, 043513 (2006)
Abstract:The secondary electron emission yield of fullerene, graphite, and diamondlike carbon after low-energy N2+ ion bombardment was studied for antimultipactor applications. Nitrogen incorporation into the carbon thin films decreases their secondary emission yield, contrary to the hydrogen or oxygen effect. Carbon nitride surface textured to a nanometric scale had the property of hindering secondary electron emission. Valence bands obtained from photoemission spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation were correlated with secondary electron emission measurements. Multipactor threshold power for carbon nitride was 7.5 kW.
Publisher version (URL):http://link.aip.org/link/?JAPIAU/99/043513/1
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