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Open Access item Effect of the adsorbate stiffness on the resonance response of microcantilever sensors

Authors:Tamayo, Javier
Ramos Vega, Daniel
Mertens, Johann
Calleja, Montserrat
Keywords:Cantilevers, Adsorption, Proteins, Molecular biophysics, Biosensors, Chemical sensors, Silicon, Elemental semiconductors, Polymers
Issue Date:1-Dec-2006
Publisher:American Institute of Physics
Citation:Applied Physic Letters. 89, 224104 (2006)
Abstract:The authors present a theoretical model to predict the resonance frequency shift due to molecule adsorption on micro- and nanocantilevers. They calculate the frequency shift experienced by cantilevers made of either silicon or the polymer SU-8, when two adsorbates, myosin protein and an alkanethiol, are attached to the cantilever surface. They demonstrate that the effect of the adsorbate stiffness can be comparable or even larger than the mass effect, producing positive frequency shifts. The results provide methods for decoupling both opposite effects and routes for the design of resonators with high sensitivity to molecule adsorption based on either stiffness or mass effects.
Publisher version (URL):http://link.aip.org
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