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Open Access item ParallelKnoppix - Rapid Deployment of a Linux Cluster for MPI Parallel Processing Using Non-Dedicated Computers

Authors:Creel, Michael
Keywords:Parallel computing, Cluster, Message passing interface
Issue Date:6-Oct-2004
Series/Report no.:UFAE and IAE Working Papers
Abstract:This note describes ParallelKnoppix, a bootable CD that allows creationof a Linux cluster in very little time. An experienced user can create a cluster ready to execute MPI programsin less than 10 minutes. The computers used may be heterogeneous machines, of the IA-32 architecture. When the cluster is shut down, all machines except one are in their original state, and the last can be returned to its original state by deleting a directory. The system thus provides a means of using non-dedicated computers to create a cluster. An example session is documented.
Description:New version, 2006. Supersedes the old 2004 version.
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