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Open Access item Solution to Faddeev equations with two-body experimental amplitudes as input and application to J^P=1/2^+, S=0 baryon resonances

Authors:Martínez Torres, Alberto
Khemchandani, Kanchan P.
Oset, Eulogi
Issue Date:25-Jun-2009
Publisher:American Physical Society
Citation:Physical Review C 79(6):065207(2009)
Abstract:We solve the Faddeev equations for the two meson-one baryon system pi pi N and coupled channels using the experimental two-body t matrices for the pi N interaction as input and unitary chiral dynamics to describe the interaction between the rest of coupled channels. In addition to the N-*(1710) obtained before with the pi pi N channel, we obtain, for J(pi)=1/2(+) and total isospin of the three-body system I=1/2, a resonance peak whose mass is around 2080 MeV and width 54 MeV, while for I=3/2 we find a peak around 2126 with 42 MeV of width. These two resonances can be identified with the N-*(2100) and the Delta(1910), respectively. We obtain another peak in the isospin 1/2 configuration, around 1920 MeV that can be interpreted as a resonance in the Na-0(980) and Nf(0)(980) systems.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevC.79.065207
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