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Closed Access item Biogenesis of spirostan sapogenins: stereochemistry of reduction of the 24,25 double bond in the biosynthesis of sarsasapogenin

Authors:González, Antonio G.
Betancor, Carmen
Francisco, Cosme G.
Salazar, José A.
Hernández, Rosendo
Suárez, Ernesto
Issue Date:1977
Citation:Tetrahedron Letters 18(34): 2959-2962 (1977)
Abstract:It is well known that reduction of the 24,25 double bond of the Δ24-sterols such as lanosterol or cycloartenol (I) is a key step in the biosynthesis of many steroid components of plants. In this paper we show that during reduction of this 24,25 double bond in the biosynthesis of sarsasapogenin in Agave attenuata the incoming hydrogen at C-24 enters from the 24re,25re face, so that the whole reduction is a "trans" process (Scheme 1), unless stereochemical changes occur after reduction.
Description:4 pages, 2 schemes.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0040-4039(01)83125-7
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