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Título : Measurements of multipolarities in 225Ra
Autor : Andersen, E., García Borge, María José, Burke, D. G., Gietz, H., Hill, P., Kaffrell, N., Kurcewicz, W., Løvhøiden, G., Mattsson, S., Naumann, R. A., Nybø, K., Nyman, G., Thorsteinsen, T. F.
Palabras clave : Radioactivity 225Fr (β-) [from Th, U (p, spallation)]
Measured Ee, I(ce), γγ-, eγ-coincidences
225Ra deduced levels, ICC, multipolarities, I(π)
UC2 and ThC2 targets
On-line mass separation
Ge, Si(Li) detectors
Mini-orange spectrometer
Fecha de publicación : 9-Jan-1989
Editor: Elsevier
Citación : Nuclear Physics A 491(2): 290-300 (1989)
Resumen: Multipolarities of 45 transitions in 225Ra have been established by investigating the radiations associated with the β− decay of 225Fr. The study includes β−, e− and γ-singles spectra, e−γ- and γγ-coincidence measurements. The conversion electrons were measured with a mini-orange electron spectrometer, and the γ-spectra with Ge detectors. The multipolarities obtained from the measured conversion coefficients support the assignments of spin-parity doublets thus giving evidence for a stable octupole deformation of this nucleus. The negative parity of the 394.2 keV level established in the present work indicates that this level is a candidate for the parity-doublet partner of the (5/2)+ state at 236.3 keV.
Descripción : 11 pages, 3 tables, 2 figures.
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ISSN: 0375-9474
DOI: 10.1016/0375-9474(89)90704-5
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