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Closed Access item On the nuclear structure of 229Ra

Authors:García Borge, María José
Burke, D. G.
Gietz, H.
Hill, P.
Kaflrell, N.
Kurcewicz, W.
Løvhøiden, G.
Mattson, S.
Naumann, R. A.
Nybø, K.
Nyman, G.
Thorsteinsen, T. F.
Issue Date:23-Mar-1992
Citation:Nuclear Physics A 539(2): 249-262 (1992)
Abstract:The nucleus 229Ra has been studied via β− decay of 229Fr, the half-life of which was measured to be (50.2 ± 0.4) s. A level scheme with seven excited levels has been constructed. In the Nilsson classification the ground state is assumed to be 5/2+[633↓], levels at 142.8 and 213.0 keV are described as 1/2+[631↓]and 3/2+[631↑],levels at 137.6 and 479.2 keV as 3/2-[761↑]and 1/2-[501↓]. The level structure of 229Ra is similar to the structure in the lighter Ra-isotopes, which have been described as octupole-deformed nuclei.
Description:14 pages, 3 tables, 6 figures.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/0375-9474(92)90269-P
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