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Open Access item Hidden gauge formalism for the radiative decays of axial-vector mesons

Authors:Nagahiro, H.
Roca, Luis
Hosaka, A.
Oset, Eulogi
Issue Date:20-Jan-2009
Publisher:American Physical Society
Abstract:The radiative decay of the axial-vector resonances into a pseudoscalar meson and a photon is studied using the vector meson Lagrangian obtained from the hidden gauge symmetry (HGS) formalism. The formalism is well suited to study this problem since it deals with pseudoscalar and vector mesons in a unified way, respecting chiral invariance. We show explicitly the gauge invariance of the set of diagrams that appear in the approach and evaluate the radiative decay width of the a(1)(1260) and b(1)(1235) axial-vector meson resonances into pi gamma. We also include the contribution of loops involving anomalous couplings and compare the results to those obtained previously within another formalism.
Description:24 pages, 6 tables, 11 figures.--ISI article identifier:000262979700040 .-- ArXiv pre-print avaible at:http://arxiv.org/abs/0809.0943
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevD.79.014015
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