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Closed Access item Identification of yrast high-K intrinsic states in Os-188

Authors:Modamio, V.
Jungclaus, Andrea
Podolyak, Z.
Shi, Y.
Xu, F.R.
Algora, Alejandro
Bazzacco, D.
Escrig, D.
Fraile, L.M.
Lenzi, S.
Marginean, N.
Martinez, T.
Napoli, D. R.
Schwengner, R.
Ur, C. A.
Issue Date:17-Feb-2009
Publisher:American Physical Society
Citation:Phys. Rev. C 79, 024310 (2009)
Abstract:The high-spin structure of the Z=76 nucleus Os-188 has been studied using the incomplete fusion reaction Li-7+W-186. A K-pi=10(+) band has been established up to spin (24(+)) and its crossing with the ground-state band has been studied. In addition, intrinsic high-K states have been identified and on top of two of them, K-pi=7(-) and K-pi=10(-), regular bands have been observed. The K-pi=16(+) and K-pi=18(+) states are yrast whereas the K-pi=14(+) level lies only 33 keV above the yrast line and decays with a low reduced hindrance of f(nu)< 1.3 to the ground-state band (Delta K=14). The results are discussed by means of a systematic comparison with the even-even neighboring nucleus Os-186. Configuration-constrained multiquasiparticle potential-energy-surface calculations have been performed to identify the configurations of multiquasiparticle states.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevC.79.024310
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