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Título : Noise- and inertia-induced inhomogeneity in the distribution of small particles in fluid flows
Autor : Cartwright, Julyan H. E., Magnasco, Marcelo O., Piro, Oreste
Palabras clave : Chaos
White noise
Nonlinear dynamical systems
Flow separation
[PACS] Fluid dynamics: Chaos
[PACS] Control of chaos, applications of chaos
[PACS] Vortex dynamics
[PACS] Noise
[PACS] Rotational flow and vorticity: Separated flows
Fecha de publicación : 20-May-2002
Editor: American Institute of Physics
Citación : Chaos 12(2): 489-495 (2002)
Resumen: The dynamics of small spherical neutrally buoyant particulate impurities immersed in a two-dimensional fluid flow are known to lead to particle accumulation in the regions of the flow in which vorticity dominates over strain, provided that the Stokes number of the particles is sufficiently small. If the flow is viewed as a Hamiltonian dynamical system, it can be seen that the accumulations occur in the nonchaotic parts of the phase space: the Kolmogorov–Arnold–Moser tori. This has suggested a generalization of these dynamics to Hamiltonian maps, dubbed a bailout embedding. In this paper we use a bailout embedding of the standard map to mimic the dynamics of neutrally buoyant impurities subject not only to drag but also to fluctuating forces modeled as white noise. We find that the generation of inhomogeneities associated with the separation of particle from fluid trajectories is enhanced by the presence of noise, so that they appear in much broader ranges of the Stokes number than those allowing spontaneous separation.
Descripción : 7 pages, 3 figures.-- PMID: 12779579 [PubMed].-- Printed version published Jun 2002.
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ISSN: 1054-1500
DOI: 10.1063/1.1480441
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