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Closed Access item Chemical versus electrochemical doping of layered complex perovskites Ln2Ba2Cu2Ti2O11 (Ln = La, Eu, Tb)

Authors:Gómez-Romero, P.
Palacín, M. R.
Michel, C. R.
Casañ Pastor, Nieves
Keywords:Layered perovskites, Cuprates, High-pressure, Electrochemistry, Fused-salts, Oxidation, Doping, Superconductors
Issue Date:Nov-1997
Citation:Solid State Ionics 101-103: 411-415 (1997)
Abstract:Complex perovskites Ln2Ba2Cu2Ti2O11 (Ln = La, Nd, Eu, Tb) present the topology typical of high-Tc superconducting cuprates. Doping of this series has been attempted and several cationic substitutions accomplished. Under regular reaction conditions oxygen contents readjust leaving the oxides effectively undoped. This can be overcome in certain cases by using stronger oxidizing conditions like high oxygen pressure annealing. We have also performed electrochemical oxidation of these compounds in a molten salt electrolyte. The oxygenation of Ln2Ba2Cu2+xTi2−xO11−y (Ln = La, Eu) and Ln2Ba2Cu2Ti2O11 (Ln = Tb) by means of these methods is described, and a comparison of high-pressure versus electrochemical results made.
Description:Texto completo disponible en la web del autor: http://www.cienciateca.com/Ln2Ba2Cu2Ti2O11_Echem_Dop_SSI_97_101_411.pdf
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0167-2738(97)84061-1
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