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Closed Access item Dispersion of passive tracers and finite-scale Lyapunov exponents in the Western Mediterranean Sea

Authors:García-Olivares, Antonio
Isern-Fontanet, Jordi
García-Ladona, Emilio
Keywords:Diffusion, Finite-scale Lyapunov exponent, Surface circulation, Flow topology, Numerical simulations, Lagrangian drifters, Western Mediterranean Sea
Issue Date:18-Jan-2007
Citation:Deep Sea Research I: Oceanographic Research Papers 54(2): 253-268 (2007)
Abstract:A realistic 4-year dataset of the surface velocity field of the western Mediterranean Sea obtained with the Mediterranean Forecasting System and the GFDL-MOM model was used to obtain the finite-scale Lyapunov exponents (FSLE) and finite-size diffusion coefficients. Dispersive properties and Lagrangian parameters in four sub-basins are discussed, and a comparison is made between the FSLE and the Eulerian Okubo–Weiss parameter obtained for the same area with the same dataset. An additional comparison is made with the FSLE calculated from independent datasets obtained from 15 drifters launched in the Algerian basin during October of 1996.
Description:16 pages, 9 figures.-- Printed version published Feb 2007.-- Full-text version available Open Access at: http://www.icm.csic.es/files/oce/almacen/papers/AR-2007-05.pdf
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.dsr.2006.10.009
ISSN:0967-0637 (Print)
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