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Open Access item Physical and biological processes controlling the distribution of fish larvae in the NW Mediterranean

Authors:Sabatés, Ana
Olivar, M. Pilar
Salat, Jordi
Palomera, Isabel
Alemany, Francesc
Issue Date:Oct-2007
Publisher:GLOBEC International Project Office
Citation:GLOBEC International Newsletter 13(2): 34-36 (2007)
Abstract:The Mediterranean is globally considered to be an oligotrophic sea. However, its complex coastline and bathymetry, added to a strong seasonality, lead to a high environmental diversity at both regional and local scales. Among these diverse environments there are certain places or seasons in which mechanisms that enhance fertility may occur. These mechanisms and related processes are especially relevant when they take place during the period of larval development. This study analyses how environmental conditions occurring in the NW Mediterranean at local and seasonal scales contribute to determining the temporal and spatial patterns of fish reproductive activity in the region. This includes a description of the main physical and biological processes responsible for productivity in relation to the temporal and spatial distribution patterns of fish larvae, as well as how these processes control the population dynamics of fish larvae in the region. This coupling between environmental processes and fish reproductive success is a key factor for understanding the maintenance of fish populations in the Mediterranean Sea.
Description:3 pages, 3 figures.
GLOBEC (Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics) was initiated by SCOR and the IOC of UNESCO in 1991, to understand how global change will affect the abundance, diversity and productivity of marine populations comprising a major component of oceanic ecosystems.
Publisher version (URL):http://web.pml.ac.uk/globec/products/newsletter/news13_2.pdf
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