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Título : Low-dimensional dynamical system model for observed coherent structures in ocean satellite data
Autor : López, Cristóbal, Hernández-García, Emilio
Palabras clave : Coherent structures
Proper orthogonal decomposition
Karhunen–Loève expansion
Satellite data
Fecha de publicación : 2-Jul-2003
Editor: Elsevier
Resumen: The dynamics of coherent structures present in real-world environmental data is analyzed. The method developed in this paper combines the power of the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) technique to identify these coherent structures in experimental data sets, and its optimality in providing Galerkin basis for projecting and reducing complex dynamical models. The POD basis used is the one obtained from the experimental data. We apply the procedure to analyze coherent structures in an oceanic setting, the ones arising from instabilities of the Algerian current, in the western Mediterranean Sea. Data are from satellite altimetry providing Sea Surface Height, and the model is a two-layer quasigeostrophic system. A four-dimensional dynamical system that correctly describes the observed coherent structures (moving eddies) is obtained. Finally, a bifurcation analysis is performed on the reduced model.
Descripción : 18 pages, 8 figures.-- Printed version published Oct 2003.-- ArXiv pre-print available at:
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ISSN: 0378-4371
DOI: 10.1016/S0378-4371(03)00505-3
Citación : Physica A 328(1-2): 233-250 (2003)
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