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Open Access item SU(3)-breaking corrections to the baryon-octet magnetic moments in chiral perturbation theory

Authors:Martín Cámalich, Jorge
Vicente Vacas, Manuel J.
Álvarez Ruso, Luis
Geng, Li Sheng
Keywords:High Energy Physics, Phenomenology (hep-ph)
Issue Date:30-Apr-2009
Abstract:We report a calculation of the baryon magnetic moments using covariant chiral perturbation theory within the extended-on-mass-shell renormalization scheme including intermediate octet and decuplet contributions. By fitting the two available low-energy constants, we improve the Coleman-Glashow description of the data when we include the leading SU(3) breaking effects coming from the lowest-order loops. We compare with previous attempts at the same order using heavy-baryon and covariant infrared chiral perturbation theory, and discuss the source of the differences.
Description:7 pag. Contribution to the proceedings of the International Workshop on Effective Field Theories: from the pion to the upsilon. Feb. 2009. Valencia, Spain
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