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Open Access item Coherency between solar activity and meteorological parameters at 11 year period

Authors:Altadill, David
Curto, Juan José
Gaya-Piqué, Lluís
Solé, J. Germán
Torta, Joan Miquel
Keywords:11-year solar cycle, Meteorological parameters, Influence, Cross-correlation analysis, Maximum temperature, Yearly rainfall, Ebre Observatory
Issue Date:Sep-2000
Publisher:European Space Agency. Publications Division
Citation:Proceedings of the 1st Solar and Space Weather Euroconference "The solar cycle and terrestrial climate", pp. 473-475
Abstract:The historical records of temperature and rainfall at Ebre Observatory (40.8º N, 0.5º E) and the relative sunspot numbers have been used to study the possible influence of the 11-year solar cycle over the meteorological parameters. Spectral and cross-correlation analysis have been applied in order to find such a relationship. The yearly average maximum temperature displays a period near 11 years, while the yearly averaged minimum temperature and yearly rainfall values do not present any significant peak about that period. It has been obtained that the 11-year solar cycle and the 11-year oscillation found in the maximum temperature are coherent, practically in phase. Moreover, an 11-year oscillation is found to be significant in the cross-correlation between the solar activity data and the maximum temperature. The results show a possible relation of the 11-year solar activity cycle on the maximum temperature data used here.
Description:3 pages, 7 figures.-- Contributed to: "The solar cycle and terrestrial climate": 1st Solar and Space Weather Euroconference (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, Sep 25-29, 2000).
Publisher version (URL):http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/2000ESASP.463..473A
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