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Open Access item Genetics of the α-Amylase/Trypsin inhibitor family in wheat and related species

Authors:Sánchez-Monge, R.
García-Olmedo, F.
Gómez, L.
Royo, J.
Carbonero, P.
Salcedo, G.
Keywords:Multi-gene family, Genomic, α-amylase inhibitors, Trypsin inhibitors, Wheat, Barley, Rye
Issue Date:1988
Publisher:CSIC - Estación Experimental de Aula Dei (EEAD)
Citation:An. Estac. Exp. Aula Dei, v. 19 (1988), n. 1/2: 195-205.
Abstract:[EN] Several members of an inhibitor family of heterologous α-amylases and of trypsin have been isolated from wheat, barley and rye endosperms. Comparisons of the amino acid sequences of these inhibitors together with the chromosomal of their structural genes in the three species, indicate that they are encoded by a disperse multi-gene family that must have originated both by translocation and intrachromosomal duplications events that took place in common ancestors of wheat, barley and probably rye. Homology among some members of the inhibitor family and various proteins of maize, ragi, castor bean and others, indicate that this protein family extends to other phylogenetically distant species.
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