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Closed Access item Binding of transcriptional activators to sigma 54 in the presence of the transition state analog ADP-aluminum fluoride: insights into activator mechanochemical action

Authors:Chaney, Matthew
Grande, Ricardo
Wigneshweraraj, Siva R.
Cannon, Wendy
Casaz, Paul
Gallegos, María Trinidad
Schumacher, Jorg
Jones, Susan
Elderkin, Sarah
Dago, Angel Ernesto
Morett, Enrique
Buck, Martin
Keywords:Activators, Sigma 54, ADP · AlFx, AAA+ proteins
Issue Date:11-Jul-2001
Publisher:Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Press
Citation:Genes and Development 15(17):2282-94
Abstract:Conformational changes in sigma 54(σ54) and σ54-holoenzyme depend on nucleotide hydrolysis by an activator. We now show that σ54 and its holoenzyme bind to the central ATP-hydrolyzing domains of the transcriptional activators PspF and NifA in the presence of ADP–aluminum fluoride, an analog of ATP in the transition state for hydrolysis. Direct binding of σ54 Region I to activator in the presence of ADP–aluminum fluoride was shown and inferred from in vivo suppression genetics. Energy transduction appears to occur through activator contacts to σ54 Region I. ADP–aluminum fluoride-dependent interactions and consideration of other AAA+ proteins provide insight into activator mechanochemical action.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/gad.205501
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