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Closed Access item The biomimetic synthesis of trans-(1β-h,5α-h)-guaianolides

Authors:González, Antonio G.
Galindo, Antonio
Afonso, M. Mar
Mansilla, Horacio
Palenzuela, José A.
Gómez Rodríguez, Mª Ángeles
Martínez-Ripoll, Martín
Issue Date:1988
Citation:Tetrahedron 44(14): 4575-4584 (1988)
Abstract:1-epigallicin 11 underwent biomimetic cyclization to trans-(1β-H,5α-H)-guaianolide 22,the stereoespecificity of this cyclization being credited to the fact that it took place via the reacting TC conformation 27. The epimeric nor-guaianolides 15 and 17 were prepared and their rearrangements studied. The biogenetic implications of these processes are discussed.
Description:10 pages, 4 figures, 5 tables, 2 schemes.
Lists of observed and calculated structure factors, final anisotrooic parameters for heavy atoms, positional and thermal parameters for H-atoms, are available from the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC), University Chemical Laboratory, Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB2.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0040-4020(01)86160-3
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