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1openAccessPNAS-2009-Antonelli-0811421106.pdf.jpg26-May-2009Tracing the impact of the Andean uplift on Neotropical plant evolutionAntonelli, Alexandre; Nylander, Johan A. A.; Perssona, Claes; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
2openAccessEvolución biogeográfica de los Pachydeminae paleárticos.pdf.jpg2003Evolución biogeográfica de los Pachydeminae paleárticos (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea) mediante análisis de dispersión-vicarianzaSanmartín, Isabel  artículo
3openAccess2005_Sanmartin_Paleo.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2011A paleogeographic history of the Southern hemisphereSanmartín, Isabel  documento de trabajo
4closedAccessBiogeographic patterns of the East African coastal.pdf.jpgApr-2007Biogeographic patterns of the East African coastal forest vertebrate faunaAzeria, Ermias T.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Stefan, As; Carlson, Allan; Burgess, Neilartículo
5openAccessSeparation of Aspidiotes species using morphometdc analysis.pdf.jpg2000Separation of Aspidiotes species using morphometdc analysis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)Sánchez Ruiz, Manuel ; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
6openAccessProspects and challenges for parametric.pdf.jpg2009Prospects and challenges for parametric models in historical biogeographical inferenceRee, R.H.; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
7openAccessAccounting for Phylogenetic Uncertainty in Biogeography.pdf.jpg2008Accounting for phylogenetic uncertainty in biogeography: A bayesian approach to dispersal-vicariance analysis of the thrushes (Aves: Turdus)Nylander, J.A.A.; Olsson, U.; Alström, P.; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
8openAccessWhy are there so many plant species.pdf.jpg2011Why are there so many plant species in the Neotropics?Antonelli, A.; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
9closedAccessDispersal vs. vicariance in the Mediterranean.pdf.jpg2003Dispersal vs. vicariance in the Mediterranean: historical biogeography of the Palearctic Pachydeminae (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea)Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
10openAccessLate Cretaceous–Early Eocene.pdf.jpg2016Late Cretaceous-Early Eocene origin of yams (Dioscorea, Dioscoreaceae) in the Laurasian Palaearctic and their subsequent Oligocene-Miocene diversificationViruel, J.; Segarra-Moragues, J.G.; Raz, L.; Forest, F.; Wilkin, P.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Catalán, P.artículo
11openAccessMediterranean diversification of the.pdf.jpg2009Mediterranean diversification of the grass-feeding Anisopliina beetles (Scarabaeidae, Rutelinae, Anomalini) as inferred by bootstrap-averaged dispersal-vicariance analysisMicó, Estefania.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Galante, Eduardoartículo
12openAccessUtility of low-copy nuclear markers.pdf.jpg2014Utility of low-copy nuclear markers in phylogenetic reconstruction of Hypericum L. (Hypericaceae)Meseguer, A.S.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Marcussen, T.; Pfeil, B.E.artículo
13openAccessHistorical Biogeography.pdf.jpg2012Historical Biogeography: Evolution in Time and SpaceSanmartín, Isabel  artículo
14closedAccess2018Reconstructing deep-time paleoclimate legacies in the clusioid Malpighiales unveils their role in the evolution and extinction of the boreotropical floraMeseguer, A.S.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Lobo, J.M.; Cournault, J.; Beerling, D.; Rufhel, B.; Davis, C.; Josselin, E.artículo
15closedAccess2018Conceptual and statistical problems with the DEC+J model of founder-event speciation and its comparison with DEC via model selectionRee, R. H.; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
16closedAccessInferring dispersal.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2008Inferring dispersal: a Bayesian approach to phylogeny-based island biogeography, with special reference to the Canary IslandsSanmartín, Isabel  ; Mark, P. van der; Ronquist, Fredrikartículo
17openAccessNew solutions to old problems.pdf.jpg2002New solutions to old problems: widespread taxa, redundant distributions and missing areas in event–based biogeographySanmartín, Isabel  ; Ronquist, F.artículo
18openAccess1994. Martin-Piera et al. Observaciones sobre el ritmo de actividad en Escarabeidos telecopridos. Bull Soc ent Fr.pdf.jpg1994Observaciones sobre el ritmo de actividad diaria en Escarabeidos telecópridos (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)Martín Piera, F.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Lobo, J. M.artículo
19openAccessIslands as model systems in ecology and evolution.pdf.jpg2015Islands as model systems in ecology and evolution: Prospects fifty years after MacArthur-WilsonWarren, B.H.; Simberloff, D.; Ricklefs, R.E.; Aguilée, R.; Condamine, F.L.; Gravel, D.; Morlon, H.; Mouquet, N.; Rosindell, J.; Casquet, Juliane; Conti, E.; Cornuault, J.; Fernández-Palacios, José María; Hengl, T.; Norder, S.J.; Rijsdijk, K.F.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Strasberg, D.; Triantis, K.A.; Valente, L.M.; Whittaker, R.J.; Gillespie, R.G.; Emerson, Brent C.  ; Thébaud, Christopheartículo
20openAccessPatterns of animal dispersal.pdf.jpg2001Patterns of animal dispersal, vicariance and diversification in the HolarcticSanmartín, Isabel  ; Enghoff, Henrik; Ronquist, Fredrikartículo
21openAccessExtinction in Phylogenetics and Biogeography.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2016Extinction in Phylogenetics and Biogeography: From Timetrees to Patterns of Biotic AssemblageSanmartín, Isabel  ; Meseguer, Andrea S.artículo
22openAccessAmazonia Through Time.pdf.jpg2010Amazonia through time: Andean uplift, climate change, landscape evolution, and biodiversityHoorn, C.; Wesselingh, F.P.; Ter Steege, H.; Bermudez, M.A.; Mora, A.; Sevink, J.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Sanchez-Meseguer, A.; Anderson, C.L.; Figueiredo, J.P.; Jaramillo, C.; Riff, D.; Negri, F.R.; Hooghiemstra, H.; Lundberg, J.; Stadler, T.; Särkinen, T.; Antonelli, A.artículo
23openAccessEvolución de los Pachydeminae paleárticos.pdf.jpg1999Evolución de los Pachydeminae paleárticos (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Melolonthinae)Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Martín Piera, F.artículo
24openAccessARTICULOS16101[1].pdf.jpgOct-2010Bayesian island biogeography in a continental setting: the Rand Flora caseSanmartín, Isabel  ; Anderson, Cajsa Lisa ; Alarcón, María Luisa ; Ronquist, Fredrik; Aldasoro, Juan José artículo
25openAccessJan-2011Origins of Biodiversity—ResponseHoorn, C.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Sánchez Meseguer, Andrea ; Anderson, Cajsa Lisa ; Antonelli, Alexandreartículo
26openAccessConceptual and empirical advances in Neotropical biodiversity.pdf.jpg2017Conceptual and empirical advances in Neotropical biodiversity researchAntonelli, Alexandre; Ariza, María; Albert, James; Andermann, Tobias; Azevedo, Josué; Bacon, Christine D.; Faurby, Søren; Guedes, Thaís B.; Hoorn, Carina; Lohmann, Lúcia G.; Matos-Maraví, Pável; Ritter, Camila D.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Silvestro, Daniele; Tejedor, Marcelo; Steege, Hans ter; Tuomisto, Hanna; Werneck, Fernanda; Zizka, Alexander; Edwards, Scottartículo
27openAccessMediterranean origin and Miocene–Holocene.pdf.jpg2014Mediterranean origin and Miocene-Holocene Old World diversification of meadow fescues and ryegrasses (Festuca subgenus Schedonorus and Lolium)Inda, L.A.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Buerki, S.; Catalán, P.artículo
28closedAccessWest Wind Drift revisited.pdf.jpg2007West Wind Drift revisited : testing for directional dispersal in the Southern Hemisphere using event-based tree fittingSanmartín, Isabel  ; Wanntorp, Livia; Winkworth, Richard C.artículo
29openAccessSanmartin_Geographic barriers.pdf.jpg2017Geographic barriers and Pleistocene climate change shaped patterns of genetic variation in the Eastern Afromontane biodiversity hotspotMairal, Mario; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Herrero, Alberto; Pokorny, L.; Vargas, Pablo ; Aldasoro, J.J.; Alarcón, M.artículo
30openAccessexplosive_radiation_cheirolophus_vitales2014.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2014The explosive radiation of Cheirolophus (Asteraceae, Cardueae) in MacaronesiaVitales, Daniel ; Garnatje, Teresa  ; Pellicer, Jaume; Vallès, Joan; Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
31closedAccessBiology and larval morphology of the genus Ceramida.pdf.jpgJun-2007Biology and larval morphology of the genus Ceramida Baraud (Coleoptera: Melolonthidae: Pachydeminae)Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
32openAccessBiogeografia de Areas y Biogeografia de artropodos holarticos y Mediterraneos.pdf.jpg1999Biogeografía de Áreas y Biogeografía de artrópodos holárticos y MediterráneosMartín Piera, F.; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
33openAccessLiving on the edge.pdf.jpg1-May-2015Living on the edge: timing of Rand Flora disjunctions congruent with ongoing aridification in AfricaPokorny, Lisa; Riina, Ricarda ; Mairal, M.; Culshaw, Victoria; Cendoya, Jon; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
34openAccessEL GÉNERO ELAPHOCERA GENÉ.pdf.jpg1998El género Elaphocera Gené, 1836 (Coleoptera, Melolonthidae, Pachydeminae): revisión de las series tipo de las colecciones del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (Madrid, España)Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Martín-Piera, F.; Alonso Zarazaga, M. A.artículo
35closedAccessSouthern Hemisphere Biogeography Inferred.pdf.jpg2004Southern Hemisphere Biogeography Inferred by Event-Based Models: Plant versus Animal PatternsSanmartín, Isabel  ; Ronquist, Fredrikartículo
36openAccessSanmartin_Extinction.pdf.jpg2016Extinction in phylogenetics and biogeography: From timetrees to patterns of biotic assemblageSanmartín, Isabel  ; Meseguer, A.S.artículo
37openAccessPaleobiology of the genus Hypericum.pdf.jpg2012Paleobiology of the genus Hypericum (Hypericaceae): A survey of the fossil record and its palaeogeographic implicationsMeseguer, A.S.; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
38openAccessFurther progress in historical biogeography.pdf.jpg2018Further progress in historical biogeographyEbach, M.C.; Morrone, J.J.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Escalante, T.artículo
39openAccess2013_PROC. B. AMURGA .pdf.jpg2013Bayesian biogeography finds its roots: Statistical models in island biogeographySanmartín, Isabel  capítulo de libro
40openAccessancient-vicariance-climate-driven-extinction-explain-continental-wide-disjunctions-in-africa-aldasoro2015.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2015Ancient vicariance and climate-driven extinction explain continental-wide disjunctions in Africa: the case of the Rand Flora genus Canarina (Campanulaceae)Mairal, M.; Pokorny, J.; Aldasoro, Juan José ; Alarcón, María Luisa ; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
41openAccess2011_Sanmartin_Syst.Biol..pdf.jpg20-Apr-2011Mass extinction, gradual cooling, or rapid radiation? Reconstructing the spatiotemporal evolution of the ancient Angiosperm genus Hedyosmum (Chloranthaceae) Using empirical and simulated approachesAntonelli, Alexandre; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
42closedAccessJun-2012Deep under the sea: unraveling the evolutionary history of the deep-sea squat lobster Paramunida (Decapoda, Munididae)Cabezas, Patricia ; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Paulay, Gustav; Macpherson, Enrique  ; Machordom, Annie  artículo
43closedAccessFirst phylogenetic analysis of the subfamily Pachydeminae.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2000First phylogenetic analysis of the subfamily Pachydeminae (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Melolonthidae): the Palearctic PachydeminaeSanmartín, Isabel  ; Martín Piera, F.capítulo de libro
44closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Lineage-specific climatic niche drives the tempo of vicariance in the Rand FloraMairal, Mario; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Pellissier, L.artículo
45closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Reconstructing deep-time palaeoclimate legacies in the clusioid Malpighiales unveils their role in the evolution and extinction of the boreotropical floraMeseguer, A.S.; Lobo, J.M.; Cornuault, J.; Beerling, D.; Ruhfel, B.R.; Davis, C.C.; Jousselin, E.; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
46openAccessPhylogenies and the radiation of animals.pdf.jpg2005Phylogenies and the radiation of animals around the northern and southernSanmartín, Isabel  comunicación de congreso
47openAccessSanmartin_Progress in historical.pdf.jpg2017Progress in historical biogeographyEbach, Malte C.; Morrone, Juan J.; Sanmartín, Isabel  ; Escalante, Taniaartículo
48openAccessJul-2018Bridging the micro and macroevolutionary levels in phylogenomics: Hyb-Seq solves relationships from populations to species and aboveTamara Villaverde; Lisa Pokorny; Sanna Olsson; Mario Rincón-Barrado; Matthew G. Johnsson; Elliot M. Gardner; Norman J. Wickett; Julià Molero; Ricarda Riina; Sanmartín, Isabel  dataset
49openAccessAn evaluation of new parsimony-based.pdf.jpg2011An evaluation of new parsimony-based versus parametric inference methods in biogeography: A case study using the globally distributed plant family SapindaceaeBuerki, S.; Forest, F.; Alvarez, N.; Nylander, J.A.; Arrigo, N.; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
50openAccessTesting the role of the Red Queen.pdf.jpg2017Testing the role of the Red Queen and Court Jester as drivers of the macroevolution of Apollo butterfliesCondamine, Fabien L.; Rolland, Jonathan; Hohna, Sebastian; Sperling, Felix A. H.; Sanmartín, Isabel  artículo
Results 1-50 of 60 (Search time: 0.428 seconds).