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Open Access item Direct imaging of quantum wires nucleated at diatomic steps

Authors:Molina, Sergio I.
Varela, M.
Sales, D. L.
Ben, Teresa
Pizarro, J.
Galindo, P. L.
Fuster, David
González, Yolanda
González, Luisa
Pennycook, S. J.
Keywords:Atomic force microscopy, III-V semiconductors, Indium compounds, Internal stresses, Molecular beam epitaxial growth, Nanowires, Nucleation, Scanning-transmission electron microscopy, Self-assembly, Semiconductor growth, Semiconductor quantum wires, Stress relaxation
Issue Date:2-Oct-2007
Publisher:American Institute of Physics
Citation:Applied Physics Letters 91, 143112 (2007)
Abstract:Atomic steps at growth surfaces are important heterogeneous sources for nucleation of epitaxial nano-objects. In the presence of misfit strain, we show that the nucleation process takes place referentially at the upper terrace of the step as a result of the local stress relaxation. Evidence for strain-induced nucleation comes from the direct observation by postgrowth, atomic resolution, Z-contrast imaging of an InAs-rich region in a nanowire located on the upper terrace surface of an interfacial diatomic step.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.2790483
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