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Open Access item Incorporation of Sb in InAs/GaAs quantum dots

Authors:Molina, Sergio I.
Sánchez, A. M.
Beltrán, A. M.
Sales, D. L.
Ben, Teresa
Chisholm, M. F.
Varela, M.
Pennycook, S. J.
Galindo, P. L.
Papworth, A. J.
Goodhew, P. J.
Ripalda, José María
Keywords:quantum dots, cobalt alloys, elemental semiconductors, scanning tunnelling microscopy, self-assembly, silicon alloys, silicon, surface reconstruction
Issue Date:27-Dec-2007
Publisher:American Institute of Physics
Citation:Applied Physics Letters 91, 263105 (2007)
Abstract:Reactive epitaxy of Co on vicinal Si(111) surfaces is found to be a flexible and a convenient method for the preparation of dense arrays of Co silicide quantum dots. In the present work, submonolayer amounts of Co were deposited at 800 K on vicinal and flat Si surfaces, analyzing the resulting structures by scanning tunneling microscopy. On vicinal Si(111) surfaces with relatively narrow (~40–100 Å) terrace width, such reactive epitaxy leads to self-assembled arrays of CoSi2 quantum dots with a sharp size distribution function. In contrast, the growth of Co on flat Si(111) results in an inhomogeneous array of dots mixed with a variety of silicide phases
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.2826546
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