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Closed Access item Templated synthesis of nanosized mesoporous carbons

Authors:Álvarez García, Sonia
Valdés-Solís Iglesias, Teresa
Fuertes Arias, Antonio Benito
Keywords:Nanostructures, Structural materials, Sol–gel chemistry, Microstructure
Issue Date:1-Jul-2008
Citation:Materials Research Bulletin 43(7): 1898-1904 (2008)
Abstract:Mesoporous carbon materials formed by nanosized particles have been synthesized by means of a nanocasting technique based on the use of mesostructured silica materials as templates. We found that the modification of the chemical characteristics of the surfactant employed allows mesostructured silica materials with particle sizes <100 nm to be synthesised. The mesoporous carbons obtained from these silica materials retain the structural properties of the silica used as template and consequently they have a particle size in the 20–100 nm range. These carbons exhibit large BET surfaces areas (up to 1300 m2 g−1) and high pore volumes (up to 2.5 cm3 g−1), a framework confined porosity made up of uniform mesopores (3.6 nm) and an additional textural porosity arising from the interparticle voids between the sub-micrometric particles. The main advantage of nanometer-sized mesoporous carbons in relation to the micrometer-sized carbons is that they have enhanced mass transfer rates, which is important for processes such as adsorption or catalysis.
Description:7 pages, 3 figures, 1 table.-- Available online Jul 10, 2007.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.materresbull.2007.06.057
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