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1openAccess(hyper)polarizabilities.pdf.jpg2007Time-dependent density functional theory scheme for efficient calculations of dynamic (hyper)polarizabilitiesAndrade, Xavier; Botti, Silvana; Marques, Miguel A. L.; Rubio, Angel artículo
2openAccessMomentum density and spatial.pdf.jpgSep-2007Momentum density and spatial form of correlated density matrix in model two-electron atoms with harmonic confinementAkbari, A. ; March, Norman H.; Rubio, Angel artículo
3openAccessDeformations and Thermal.pdf.jpgJun-2004Deformations and thermal stability of carbon nanotube ropesLópez, María J. ; Rubio, Angel ; Alonso, J. A. artículo
4closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2004On the breaking of carbon nanotubes under tensionMarques, Miguel A. L.; Yacaman, M. J.; Rubio, Angel artículo
5closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2003Direct observation of the mechanical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes and their junctions at the atomic levelMarques, Miguel A. L.; Rubio, Angel ; Yacaman, M. J.artículo
6openAccessElectronic excitations.pdf.jpg2002Electronic excitations: density-functional versus many-body Green's-function approachesOnida, Giovanni; Reining, Lucia; Rubio, Angel artículo
7openAccessQuasiparticle band-structure.pdf.jpg2002Quasiparticle band-structure effects on the d hole lifetimes of copper within the GW approximationMarini, Andrea; Sole, R. D.; Rubio, Angel ; Onida, Giovanniartículo
8openAccessPatching and tearing.pdf.jpg2002Patching and tearing single-wall carbon-nanotube ropes into multiwall carbon nanotubesLópez, María J. ; Rubio, Angel ; Alonso, J. A. ; Lefrant, S.; Méténier, Karine; Bonanni, Sylvieartículo
9closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgFeb-2003Dependence of phonon widths on pressure and isotopic mass: ZnOSerrano, J.; Widulle, F.; Romero, A. H.; Rubio, Angel ; Lauck, R.; Cardona, M.artículo
10openAccessSolution of Poisson.pdf.jpg2003Solution of Poisson's equation for finite systems using plane-wave methodsCastro, Alberto; Rubio, Angel ; Stott, M. J.artículo
11openAccessDeformations and Thermal Stability.pdf.jpg2003Deformations and thermal stability of carbon nanotube ropesLópez, María J. ; Rubio, Angel ; Alonso, J. A. comunicación de congreso
12openAccessOptical absorption in small BN.pdf.jpg2003Optical absorption in small BN and C nanotubesWirtz, Ludger; Olevano, Valerio; Marinopoulos, A. G.; Reining, Lucia; Rubio, Angel comunicación de congreso
13closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2003Correlation energies of light atoms related to pairing between antiparallel spin electronsAlonso, J. A. ; March, Norman H.; Cordero, N. A.; Rubio, Angel artículo
14closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2003Surface charge model of a carbon nanotube: self-consistent field from Thomas-Fermi theoryLeys, F. E.; Amovilli, C.; Howard, I. A.; March, Norman H.; Rubio, Angel artículo
15closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Customized electronic coupling in self-assembled donor-acceptor nanostructuresOteyza, D. G. de ; García-Lastra, J. M.; Corso, Martina ; Doyle, Bryan P.; Floreano, Luca; Morgante, Alberto; Wakayama, Yutaka; Rubio, Angel ; Ortega, J. Enrique artículo
16openAccessTime-dependent current density.pdf.jpg2009Time-dependent current density functional theory via time-dependent deformation functional theory: a constrained search formulation in the time domainTokatly, I. V. artículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Towards a gauge invariant method for molecular chiroptical properties in TDDFTVarsano, Daniele; Espinosa Leal, Leonardo Ándres; Andrade, Xavier; Marques, Miguel A. L.; Felice, Rosa di; Rubio, Angel artículo
18openAccessTime and energy-resolved.pdf.jpgMay-2004Time and energy-resolved two photon photoemission of the Cu(1 0 0) and Cu(1 1 1) metal surfacesVarsano, Daniele; Marques, Miguel A. L.; Rubio, Angel artículo
19closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgFeb-2004Laser-induced control of (multichannel) intracluster reactionsRubio, Angel ; Echenique, Pedro M. artículo
20openAccessLifetimes and mean-free.pdf.jpgOct-2001Lifetimes and mean-free paths of hot electrons in the alkali metalsDolado, Jorge S.; Silkin, Viatcheslav M.; Cazalilla, M. A. ; Rubio, Angel ; Echenique, Pedro M. artículo
21openAccessSurface-state hole decay.pdf.jpg2001Surface-state hole decay mechanisms: The Be(0001) surfaceSilkin, Viatcheslav M.; Balasubramanian, E. V.; Chulkov, Eugene V. ; Rubio, Angel ; Echenique, Pedro M. artículo
22openAccessLifetime of d holes.pdf.jpgAug-2001Lifetime of d holes at Cu surfaces: Theory and experimentGerlach, A.; Berge, K.; Goldmann, A.; Campillo, I.; Rubio, Angel ; Pitarke, José María ; Echenique, Pedro M. artículo
23openAccess13C NMR.pdf.jpg200113C NMR chemical shift of single-wall carbon nanotubesLatil, Sylvain; Henrard, Luc; Goze-Bac, Christophe; Bernier, Patrick; Rubio, Angel artículo
24openAccessInteraction of molecular and atomic.pdf.jpg2002Interaction of molecular and atomic hydrogen with (5,5) and (6,6) single-wall carbon nanotubesArellano, Juan S.; Molina, Luis M.; Rubio, Angel ; López, María J. ; Alonso, J. A. artículo
25openAccessValence electron correlation.pdf.jpg2008Valence electron correlation energy embracing the diamond-lattice materials C through SnMarch, Norman H.; Rubio, Angel artículo
26openAccessSpectroscopic characterization of Stone.pdf.jpgMar-2004Spectroscopic characterization of Stone-Wales defects in nanotubesMiyamoto, Yoshiyuki; Rubio, Angel ; Berber, Savas; Yoon, Mina; Tománek, Davidartículo
27closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2005Electronic structure calculations for nanomolecular systemsVarsano, Daniele; Rubio, Angel capítulo de libro
28openAccessBand structure of boron.pdf.jpg2003Band structure of boron doped carbon nanotubesWirtz, Ludger; Rubio, Angel comunicación de congreso
29openAccessPropagators for the time.pdf.jpg2004Propagators for the time-dependent Kohn-Sham equationsCastro, Alberto; Marques, Miguel A. L.; Rubio, Angel artículo
30openAccessVibrational properties of boron.pdf.jpgDec-2003Vibrational properties of boron-nitride nanotubes: effects of finite length and bundlingWirtz, Ludger; Rubio, Angel artículo
31openAccesstricalcium phosphate.pdf.jpgNov-2003α- and β-tricalcium phosphate: A density functional studyYin, Xilin; Stott, M. J.; Rubio, Angel artículo
32openAccessOptical and Loss Spectra.pdf.jpgJul-2003Optical and loss spectra of carbon nanotubes: Depolarization effects and intertube interactionsMarinopoulos, A. G.; Reining, Lucia; Rubio, Angel ; Vast, Nathalieartículo
33closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgNov-2004Change in analytic structure of first-order density matrix as a functional of electron density due to inter-particle correlation: a two-electron model exampleMarch, Norman H.; Rubio, Angel artículo
34openAccessExact Coulomb cutoff technique.pdf.jpg2006Exact Coulomb cutoff technique for supercell calculationsRozzi, Carlo Andrea; Varsano, Daniele; Marini, Andrea; Gross, E. K. U.; Rubio, Angel artículo
35openAccessDensity functionals from many-body.pdf.jpg2006Density functionals from many-body perturbation theory: The band gap for semiconductors and insulatorsGrüning, Myrta; Marini, Andrea; Rubio, Angel artículo
36openAccessEfficient Formalism for.pdf.jpg2008Efficient formalism for large-scale Ab initio molecular dynamics based on time-dependent density functional theoryAlonso, José Luis; Andrade, Xavier; Echenique, Pablo ; Falceto, Fernando; Prada-Gracia, D.; Rubio, Angel artículo
37openAccessExcitons in boron nitride nanotubes.pdf.jpg2006Excitons in boron nitride nanotubes: Dimensionality effectsWirtz, Ludger; Marini, Andrea; Rubio, Angel artículo
38openAccessTime-dependent quantum transport.pdf.jpg2005Time-dependent quantum transport: A practical scheme using density functional theoryKurth, S.; Stefanucci, Gianluca; Almbladh, C. O.; Rubio, Angel ; Gross, E. K. U.artículo
39openAccessDifferential virial theorem.pdf.jpg2005Differential virial theorem in relation to a sum rule for the exchange-correlation force in density-functional theoryHolas, A.; March, Norman H.; Rubio, Angel artículo
40openAccessrole of dimensionality.pdf.jpg2008The role of dimensionality on the quenching of spin-orbit effects in the optics of gold nanostructuresCastro, Alberto; Marques, Miguel A. L.; Romero, A. H.; Oliveira, Micael J. T.; Rubio, Angel artículo
41openAccessComment on Band-Gap.pdf.jpgDec-2004Comment on “Band-Gap Problem in Semiconductors Revisited: Effects of Core States and Many-Body Self-Consistency"Delaney, Kris; García-González, P.; Rubio, Angel ; Rinke, Patrick; Godby, R. W.artículo
42openAccessCoulomb explosion.pdf.jpg2003Coulomb explosion of deuterium cationic clustersHoward, I. A.; Alonso, J. A. ; March, Norman H.; Rubio, Angel ; Alsenoy, C. vanartículo
43openAccessAnomalous Quasiparticle.pdf.jpg2001Anomalous quasiparticle lifetime in graphite: Band structure effectsSpataru, Catalin D.; Cazalilla, M. A. ; Rubio, Angel ; Benedict, Lorin X.; Echenique, Pedro M. ; Louie, Steven G.artículo
44openAccessInteraction of Molecular.pdf.jpgJun-2004Interaction of molecular and atomic hydrogen with single-wall carbon nanotubesAlonso, J. A. ; Arellano, Juan S.; Molina, Luis M.; Rubio, Angel ; López, María J. artículo
45openAccessRaman Spectroscopy.pdf.jpg2003Raman spectroscopy of single‐wall BN nanotubesArenal, Raul; Wirtz, Ludger; Mevellec, J. Y.; Lefrant, S.; Rubio, Angel ; Loiseau, A.comunicación de congreso
46openAccessMicroscopic investigation.pdf.jpg2007Microscopic investigation of laser-induced structural changes in single-wall carbon nanotubesJeschke, Harald O.; Romero, A. H.; García, Martín E.; Rubio, Angel artículo
47openAccessNov-2007Absorption of BN nanotubes under the influence of a perpendicular electric fieldAttaccalite, Claudio; Wirtz, Ludger; Marini, Andrea; Rubio, Angel artículo
48openAccessAb initio study of the optical absorption.pdf.jpgJun-2004Ab initio study of the optical absorption and wave-vector-dependent dielectric response of graphiteMarinopoulos, A. G.; Reining, Lucia; Rubio, Angel ; Olevano, Valerioartículo
49openAccessPhotodesorption of oxygen.pdf.jpgDec-2004Photodesorption of oxygen from carbon nanotubesMiyamoto, Yoshiyuki; Jinbo, Noboru; Nakamura, Hisashi; Rubio, Angel ; Tománek, Davidartículo
50openAccessElectronic structure and electron.pdf.jpg2009Electronic structure and electron-phonon coupling of doped graphene layers in KC8Grüneis, Alexander; Attaccalite, Claudio; Rubio, Angel ; Pichler, Thomasartículo
Results 1-50 of 715 (Search time: 0.57 seconds).