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Closed Access item Synthetic coal chars for the elucidation of NO heterogeneous reduction mechanisms

Authors:Pevida García, Covadonga
Arenillas de la Puente, Ana
Rubiera González, Fernando
Pis Martínez, José Juan
Keywords:NO heterogeneous reduction, Coal char, Isotopically labelled NO
Issue Date:Jan-2007
Citation:Fuel 86(1-2): 41-49 (2007)
Abstract:In the present work, the mechanisms involved in NO–char heterogeneous reduction have been studied using a synthetic coal char (SC char) as carbon source. Another synthetic char (SN char) without nitrogen in its composition has also been employed in these studies. Isothermal reduction tests at different temperatures have been carried out. Two temperature regimes were considered: low temperature (T < 250°C) where NO chemisorption takes place and high temperature (T > 250°C) where NO–C reaction occurs. Step response experiments combining consecutive reaction stages with NO and 15NO were performed in order to determine the role of nitrogen surface complexes, C(N), in the reduction process. The results revealed N2 and CO2 to be the main reduction products under the experimental conditions employed in this work. NO chemisorption at lower temperatures results in N2 emission and surface complexes (mainly oxygenated) formation, while char gasification by NO involves a direct NO attack on the char surface to form surface complexes. As a consequence of desorption of these complexes new sites of reaction are created.
Description:9 pages, 6 figures, 1 table.-- Available online 14 August 2006.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.fuel.2006.07.002
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