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Open Access item Detection of chlorophyll fluorescence in vegetation from airborne hyperspectral CASI imagery in the red edge spectral region

Authors:Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J.
Miller, J. R.
Haboudane, D.
Tremblay, N.
Apostol, S.
Keywords:Chlorophyll fluorescence, In-filling, Hyperspectral, Double-peak, Red-edge
Issue Date:2004
Abstract:This work provides a description of the investigations conducted to assess the detection of chlorophyll fluorescence from hyperspectral CASI data. The viability of retrieval of solarinduced fluorescence through airborne imaging spectrometer measurements of radiance of targets under natural illumination is studied. A method based on in-filling of fluorescence signals in atmospheric oxygen absorption lines is applied to study sites of corn crop grown under different stress conditions due to variations in nitrogen treatment. Results of the relationships found between measurements of laser-induced fluorescence and chlorophyll concentration at the ground level with the in-filling of the 762 nm oxygen band and optical indices calculated from CASI imagery R685/R655, derivative D730/D706, and the doublepeak derivative reflectance index DPi (D688·D710 )/D697 2 are presented.
Description:2003 - International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS'03, pp. 598- 600 Vol.1, Toulouse (France), 21-25/7/2004
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