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Open Access item Effect of diet supplementation with sunflower oil on milk production, fatty acid profile and ruminal fermentation in lactating dairy ewes

Authors:Hervás, Gonzalo
Luna, Pilar
Mantecón, Ángel R.
Castañares, Natalia
Fuente, Miguel Ángel de la
Juárez, Manuela
Frutos, Pilar
Keywords:Conjugated linoleic acid, Fatty acid, Milk, Sheep, Vaccenic acid
Issue Date:2008
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Citation:Journal of Dairy Research, 2008, 75, 399-405
Abstract:The aim of this research was to enhance the nutritional quality of ewe milk fat by increasing potentially healthy fatty acids (FA) through diet supplementation with unprotected oil rich in linoleic acid, and without detrimental effects on animal performance. Twenty-four ewes were assigned to two high concentrate diets, control or supplemented with 6 % sunflower oil (SO), for 4 weeks. No differences between treatments were found in milk production and dry matter intake. Although the SO diet increased milk fat percentage and tended to reduce milk protein concentration, it did not affect milk fat, protein or total solid yield. Most of the modifications in milk FA composition were addressed toward a potentially healthier profile: a decrease in C12:0 to C16:0 and a remarkable increase in the contents of cis-9 trans-11 C18:2 (from 0.94 to 3.60 g/100 g total FA) and trans-11 C18:1 (from 2.23 to 8.61 g/100 g total FA). Furthermore, the reached levels were maintained throughout the period monitored. However, the SO diet increased other trans C18:1 isomer percentages, too. The lack of differences between treatments in the in vitro ruminal fermentation parameters, studied with batch cultures of rumen microorganisms, would indicate no negative effects on ruminal fermentation.
Description:The definitive version is availabe at: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=2624044
7 pages.-- Avalilable online 14 Jul 2008.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0022029908003506
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