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Open Access item Harvesting Technology During The Neolithic in SW Europe.

Authors:Ibáñez, Juan José
Clemente-Conte, Ignacio
Gassin, Bernard
Gibaja, Juan Francisco
González Urquijo, Jesús E.
Márquez, Belén
Philibert, Sylvie
Rodríguez, Amelia
Keywords:Neolithic, Agriculture, SW Europe
Issue Date:2009
Abstract:Agriculture technology during the Neolithic is poorly understood. This topic may be a good way to get some information about the spread of agriculture and the conditions in which agriculture was transmitted and practiced. In this paper we collect the data gathered by several specialists in use-wear analysis about harvesting techniques in different Neolithic sites of Spain and SE France. Three different areas can be clearly distinguished with respect to harvesting techniques: 1) the Lyon Gulf (Catalonia-Languedoc-Provence), where sickle blades in parallel insertion were used and where sickle gloss showed different degrees of abrasion, 2) the Levantine Spanish coast, where bent sickles with dented edges were used and sickle gloss was not abraded, and 3) Cantabrian Spain, where no sickles were used for harvesting. We will try to explain this variability by resorting to ecological conditions, socio-economic contexts and intercultural contacts in which the first agriculture was carried out.
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