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Título : New information on β-delayed neutron emission from Be-12, Be-14
Autor : Bergmann, U. C., Axelsson, L., García Borge, María José, Fedoseyev, V. N., Forssén, C., Fynbo, H. O. U., Grévy, S., Hornshøj, P., Jading, Y., Jonson, B., Köster, U., Markenroth, K., Marqués, F. M., Mishin, V. I., Nilsson, T., Oberstedt, A., Ravn, H. L., Riisager, K., Schrieder, G., Sebastian, V., Simon, H., Tengblad, Olof, Wenander, F., Wilhelmsen Rolander, K.
Palabras clave : Radioactivity: Be-12, Be-14 (from 1 GeV p on UC target, selective mass separation)
Measured βn, nn time correlations
Be-12, Be-14 deduced P(n) values, Be-14 deduced P(xn) values
Neutron long counters
[PACS] Properties of specific nuclei listed by mass ranges: 6 ≤ A ≤ 19
[PACS] Relation with nuclear matrix elements and nuclear structure
Fecha de publicación : 18-Oct-1999
Editor: Elsevier
Resumen: The β-delayed neutron branches from neutron-rich Be-isotopes have been measured with a setup sensitive down to thermal energies. For Be-14 a new value of P(n) = 101 ± 4% has been found for the total neutron-emission probability and an upper limit of 2.4% (95% confidence level) is imposed on the combination P(2n) + 3P(3n) of multi-neutron emission probabilities. Moreover, an improved value of P(n) = 0.50 ± 0.03% has been obtained for Be-12. A time-correlation method, previously developed for a continuous radioactive beam to determine neutron branching ratios, has been revised and adapted to the pulsed secondary beam at ISOLDE, CERN.
Descripción : 17 pages, 3 tables, 5 figures, 1 appendix.-- PACS nrs.: 23.40.Hc; 27.20.+n.
Versión del editor:
ISSN: 0375-9474
DOI: 10.1016/S0375-9474(99)00348-6
Citación : Nuclear Physics A 658(2): 129-145 (1999)
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