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Open Access item Beet sugar syrup and molasses as low-cost feedstock for the enzymatic production of fructo-oligosaccharides

Authors:Ghazi, Iraj
Fernández Arrojo, Lucía
Gómez de Segura, María Aránzazu
Alcalde Galeote, Miguel
Plou Gasca, Francisco José
Ballesteros, Antonio
Keywords:Prebiotics, Fructosyltransferase, Enzyme immobilization, Fos, Nutraceuticals, Fructofuranosidase
Issue Date:2009
Series/Report no.:Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 54, 2964-2968 (2006)
Abstract:Sugar syrup and molasses from beet processing containing 620 and 570 mg/ml sucrose, respectively, were assayed as low-cost and available substrates for the enzymatic synthesis of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). A commercial pectinase (Pectinex Ultra SP-L, from Aspergillus aculeatus) characterised by the presence of a transfructosylating activity, was used as biocatalyst. The FOS production increased when lowering the initial pH value of syrup (7.5) and molasses (8.9) to 5.5. Sugar syrup and molasses were diluted in order to reduce substrate viscosity; interestingly, the percentage of FOS with regards to total sugars remained almost constant, which indicated a high transferase to hydrolase ratio for this enzyme. Kinetics of FOS production was analysed. Using approx. 10 U transfructosylating activity per g sucrose, the FOS concentration reached a maximum of 388 mg/ml after 30 h using syrup and 235 mg/ml in 65 h with molasses. These values corresponded to approx. 56% and 49% (w/w), respectively, of the total amount of carbohydrates in the mixture. The enzyme was also covalently immobilised on an epoxy-activated polymethacrylate-based polymer (Sepabeads EC-EP5). We found that immobilised Pectinex Ultra SP-L can be efficiently applied to the synthesis of FOS using syrup and molasses as substrates.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/jf053023b
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