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Instituto/Centro: CSIC-UMH - Instituto de Neurociencia (IN)

Autor: Nieto, M. Ángela

Most animals show external bilateral symmetry, which hinders the observation of multiple internal left-right (L/R) asymmetries that are fundamental to organ packaging and function. The primordium of the heart is initially positioned along the midline. Differential left/right movements of cells migrating toward the posterior pole of the heart produce asymmetric forces, more prominent from the right, that displace it to the left. Experiments haven been carried out in zebrafish, chicken and mouse embryos. Defects in the factors that promote these movements lead to mesocardia (heart in the middle), a condition incompatible with life. Article in Nature,,

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Embriones de pez cebra mostrando el corazón (azul) en posición normal o con mesocardia