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Institute/Center: CSIC - Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (ICMM)

Author: Iñigo Bretos, Ricardo Jiménez, Jesús Ricote y M.Lourdes Calzada

The development of flexible devices is hampered by the fact that the integration of high performance oxides on flexible substrates (plastic, textile, paper) requires high temperatures for their crystallization, which deteriorates the substrate. A new processing technology for the fabrication of crystalline oxide thin films has been developed in this work. The method is based on the sol-gel synthesis of photosensitive solutions that are used for the deposition of gel layers. The irradiation with UV light of these layers induces photochemical reactions that lead to the formation of the crystalline oxide without the need of heating at high temperature. This technology enables the integration of multifunctional crystalline oxide thin films in the emergent flexible electronics, as alternative materials to organic and/or amorphous active layers, the most used nowadays flexible devices. This work is carried out in the framework of the National Project MAT2013-40489-P.

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