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Institute/Center: Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Sevilla (ICMS - cicCartuja)

Author: Asunción Fernández

The REGPOT European project "Advanced Laboratory for the Nanoanalysis of Novel Functional Materials (Al-NanoFunc)" has financed the installation in the ICMS of an analytical high resolution transmission electron microscope. This equipment allowed to visualize and quantify the presence of Helium in condensed state at room temperature within nano-pores in a material such as amorphous silicon. The manufacture of these new nano-porous structures by the magnetron sputtering technology opens new fields of research in storage of gases, light emitters in the vacuum-UV, optical devices with controlled refractive index or nanostructured surfaces. More information about the project in

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Condensed He nano-bubbles in nano-porous amorphous silicon