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Valido, Alfredo
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CSIC - Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología (IPNA)
Ciencias de la Vida y de la Tierra. Grupo: Ecología y Evolución en Islas
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Invasive Species; Ecology; Biodiversity; Evolution; Conservation Biology; Ecology and Evolution; Taxonomy; Conservation; Species Diversity
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1openAccessNewPhytologist_ms_2014.pdf.jpg2014Adaptation of flower and fruit colours to multiple, distinct 1 mutualistsRenoult, Julien P.; Valido, Alfredo  ; Jordano, Pedro  ; Schaefer, H. Martinartículo
2openAccessHPTJ-2001-11-171.pdf.jpg2001Addition of a new living giant lizard from La Gomera island to the phylogeny of the endemic genus Gallotia (Canarian archipielago)Hernández, Mariano; Macameyer, Nicole; Rando, J. Carlos; Valido, Alfredo  ; Nogales, Manuel  artículo
3openAccessValido_Anolis_ allisoni_Nectar Feeding_ Herpetol Review_2006.pdf.jpg2006Anolis allisoni (Allison's Anole/Camaleón Azul). Nectar feeding.Valido, Alfredo  artículo
4openAccessj.biogeography.pdf.jpg2004Bird-flower interactions in the Macaronesian islandsValido, Alfredo  ; Dupont, Yoko L.; Olesen, Jens M.artículo
5openAccess1-s2.0-S1433831913000437-main.pdf.jpg2013Bird-pollinated Macaronesian Lotus (Leguminosae) evolved within a group of entomophilous ancestors with post-anthesis flower color changeOjeda, D.I.; Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo; Oliva-Tehera, F.; Valido, Alfredo  ; Xue, X.; Marrero, A.; Caujapé Castells, J. ; Cronk, Q.artículo
6openAccessPRSB_2014.pdf.jpg2014Birds see the true colours of fruits to live off the fat of the landSchaefer, H. Martin; Valido, Alfredo  ; Jordano, Pedro  artículo
7openAccesstree.pdf.jpg2005Body size in ecological networksWoodward, David; Ebenman, B.; Emmerson, M.; Montoya, José M. ; Olesen, Jens M.; Valido, Alfredo  ; Warren, Phil H.artículo
8openAccessJan-2011Colour, design and reward: phenotypic integration of fleshy fruit displaysValido, Alfredo  ; Schaefer, H. Martin; Jordano, Pedro  artículo
9openAccess2019Conflicting selection on Cneorum tricoccon (Rutaceae) seed size caused by native and alien seed dispersersTraveset, Anna  ; Escribano-Ávila, Gema; Gómez, José María; Valido, Alfredo  artículo
10openAccess1465.full.pdf.jpg2011Consequences of plant-pollinator and floral-herbivore intertions on the reproductive success of the Canary islands endemic Canarina canariensis (Campanulaceae)Rodríguez-Rodríguez, María C. ; Valido, Alfredo  artículo
11openAccessAMRP-2003-24-331.pdf.jpg2003Digestive ecology of two omnivorous Canarian lizard species (Gallotia, Lacertidae)Valido, Alfredo  ; Nogales, Manuel  artículo
12openAccessHPT-2001-57-169.pdf.jpg2001Discovery of a living giant lizard, genus Gallotia (Reptilia: lacertidae), from La Gomera, Canary IslandsNogales, Manuel  ; Rando, J. Carlos; Valido, Alfredo  ; Martín, Aurelioartículo
13closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Disturbance regimes, gap-demanding trees and seed mass related to tree height in warm temperate rain forests worldwideGrubb, Peter J.; Bellingham, Peter J.; Khyama, T.S.; Piper, F.I.; Valido, Alfredo  artículo
14openAccess2-PerezMendez_Neochamaelea-Gallotia_downsizing_PersPlantEcolEvolSyst.pdf.jpg2015Downsized mutualisms: Consequences of seed dispersers' body-size reduction for early plant recruitmentPérez-Méndez, Néstor ; Jordano, Pedro  ; Valido, Alfredo  artículo
15openAccessIYC-2000-284-34.pdf.jpg2000Endozoocoria. Interación ecológica y evolutiva.Nogales, Manuel  ; Valido, Alfredo  artículo
16openAccessJHPT-2003-37-741.pdf.jpg2003Fleshy fruits in the diet of Canarian lizards Gallotia galloti (Lacertidae) in a xeric habitat of the Island of TenerifeValido, Alfredo  ; Nogales, Manuel  ; Medina, Félix M. artículo
17openAccessECSC-1999-6-531.pdf.jpg1999Frugivory and factors influencing visitation by birds at "Balo" (Plocama pendula Ait., Rubiaceae) plants in the Canary IslandsNogales, Manuel  ; Valido, Alfredo  ; Medina, Félix M. ; Delgado, Juan D.artículo
18openAccessOKS-1994-70-403.pdf.jpg1994Frugivory and seed dispersal by the lizard Gallotia galloti (Lacertidae in a xeric habitat of the Canary IslandsValido, Alfredo  ; Nogales, Manuel  artículo
19openAccessFrugivory-Seed_AValido_Frontiers19.pdf.jpg5-Mar-2019Frugivory and seed dispersal by lizards: A global reviewValido, Alfredo  ; Olesen, Jens M.artículo
20closedAccess1995Frugivory of Plocama pendula (Rubiaceae) by tje Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in xerophytic zones of Tenerife (Canary Islands)Nogales, Manuel  ; Valido, Alfredo  ; Medina, Félix M. artículo