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Ambroso, Stefano
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CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM)
Biología marina y Ecología
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Investigador predoctoral
Two main hallmarks have characterized my research: (1) the multidisciplinary approach to the study of benthic suspension feeders ecology combining field work with experimental studies, as the best way to achieve an understanding of the complex ecological phenomena. In this sense, my research ranged from the study of gorgonian taxonomy, the spatial distribution patterns of gorgonian and coral abundances, the state of their populations, as well as their reproductive ecology, biochemical composition, trophic ecology and ecophysiological processes; (2) the combination of SCUBA diving with the use of Remotely Operated Vehicles and manned submersibles for the extensive study of benthic species over their entire spatial distribution, as the best way to achieve a comprehensive understanding of their ecology and the variability of their responses to environmental features and human induced stressors.
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1openAccessSep-2019Building a New Ocean Literacy Approach Based on a Simulated Dive in a Submarine: A Multisensory Workshop to Bring the Deep Sea Closer to PeopleSalazar, Janire  ; Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos ; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Ambroso, Stefano  ; Grinyó, Jordi ; Vendrell Simón, Begoña artículo
2closedAccessRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Distribution patterns and demographic trends of demosponges at the Menorca Channel (Northwestern Mediterranean Sea)Santín, Andreu  ; Grinyó, Jordi ; Ambroso, Stefano  ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos ; Gili, Josep Maria  artículo
3closedAccessJun-2016Diversity, distribution and population size structure of deep Mediterranean gorgonian assemblages (Menorca Channel, Western Mediterranean Sea)Grinyó, Jordi ; Gori, Andrea ; Ambroso, Stefano  ; Purroy, Ariadna ; Calatayud, Clara ; Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos ; Coppari, Martina; Lo Iacono, Claudio ; López-González, Pablo J.; Gili, Josep Maria  artículo
4closedAccessJun-2013Effects of food availability on the sexual reproduction and biochemical composition of the Mediterranean gorgonian Paramuricea clavataGori, Andrea ; Linares, Cristina ; Viladrich, Nuria ; Orejas, Covadonga ; Fiorillo, Ida ; Ambroso, Stefano  ; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Rossi, Sergio artículo
5closedAccessDec-2018Effects of trawling activity on the bamboo-coral Isidella elongata and the sea pen Funiculina quadrangularis along the Gioia Canyon (Western Mediterranean, southern Tyrrhenian Sea)Pierdomenico, Martina; Russo, Tommaso; Ambroso, Stefano  ; Gori, Andrea ; Martorelli, Eleonora; D'Andrea, Lorenzo; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Chiocci, Francesco L.artículo
6openAccessMontseny_et_al_2019_preprint.pdf.jpgAug-2019First attempts towards the restoration of gorgonian populations on the Mediterranean continental shelfMontseny, Maria ; Linares, Cristina ; Viladrich, Nuria ; Olariaga, Alejandro ; Carreras, Marc; Palomeras, Narcís; Gracias, Nuno; Istenič, Klemen; Garcia, Rafael; Ambroso, Stefano  ; Santín, Andreu  ; Grinyó, Jordi ; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Gori, Andrea artículo
7closedAccessDec-2013In situ observations on withdrawal behaviour of the sea pen Virgularia mirabilisAmbroso, Stefano  ; Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos ; Grinyó, Jordi ; López-González, Pablo J.; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Purroy, Ariadna ; Requena, Susana ; Madurell, Teresa  artículo
8openAccessAmbroso_et_al_2019.pdf.jpg2019Life in extreme conditions: The paradox of Antarctic marine biodiversityAmbroso, Stefano  ; Salazar, Janire  ; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Zapata, Rebeca artículo
9closedAccessMar-2018Megabenthic assemblages in the continental shelf edge and upper slope of the Menorca Channel, Western Mediterranean SeaGrinyó, Jordi ; Gori, Andrea ; Greenacre, M.; Requena, Susana ; Canepa, Antonio ; Lo Iacono, Claudio ; Ambroso, Stefano  ; Purroy, Ariadna ; Gili, Josep Maria  artículo
10closedAccessMay-2016Ophiuroid biodiversity patterns along the Antarctic PeninsulaAmbroso, Stefano  ; Böhmer, Astrid; López-González, Pablo J.; Teixidó, Nuria artículo
11openAccessAmbroso_et_al_2017.pdf.jpgSep-2017Pristine populations of habitat-forming gorgonian species on the Antarctic continental shelfAmbroso, Stefano  ; Salazar, Janire  ; Zapata, Rebeca ; Federwisch, Luisa; Richter, Claudio; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Teixidó, Nuria artículo
12closedAccessDec-2013Spatial distribution patterns of the soft corals Alcyonium acaule and Alcyonium palmatum in coastal bottoms (Cap de Creus, northwestern Mediterranean Sea)Ambroso, Stefano  ; Gori, Andrea ; Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos ; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Berganzo, Elisa; Teixidó, Nuria ; Greenacre, M.; Rossi, Sergio artículo
13closedAccess2018Sponge assemblages on the deep Mediterranean continental shelf and slope (Menorca Channel, Western Mediterranean Sea)Santín, Andreu  ; Grinyó, Jordi ; Ambroso, Stefano  ; Uriz, María Jesús  ; Gori, Andrea ; Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos ; Gili, Josep Maria  artículo
14closedAccessSep-2016Variation in lipid and free fatty acid content during spawning in two temperate octocorals with different reproductive strategies: surface versus internal brooderViladrich, Nuria ; Bramanti, Lorenzo ; Tsounis, Georgios ; Chocarro, Blanca; Martínez-Quintana, A. ; Ambroso, Stefano  ; Madurell, Teresa  ; Rossi, Sergio artículo