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Díaz-Faes, Adrián A.
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Arias Díaz-Faes, Adrián
A. Díaz-Faes, Adrián
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Quantitative Studies in Science
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1openAccessAckwnoledgements in scientific publications - Diaz-Faes & Bordons (2014).pdf.jpg28-Apr-2014Acknowledgments in Scientific Publications: Presence in Spanish Science and Text Patterns Across DisciplinesDíaz-Faes, Adrián A. ; Bordons, María  artículo
2openAccessbeyondfund.pdf.jpg2017Beyond funding: Acknowledgement patterns in biomedical, natural and social sciencesPaul-Hus, Adèle; Díaz-Faes, Adrián A. ; Sainte-Marie, Maxime; Desrochers, Nadine; Costas, Rodrigo; Larivière, Vincentartículo
3openAccessNetworking_centres_performance_MDGM.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2013Do networking centres perform better? An exploratory analysis in Psychiatry and Gastroenterology/Hepatology in SpainMorillo, Fernanda  ; Díaz-Faes, Adrián A. ; González-Albo, Borja  ; Moreno, Luz  artículo
4openAccessHJ-Biplot_Diaz-Faes et al. (2013).pdf.jpg2013HJ-Biplot como herramienta de inspección de matrices de datos bibliométricosDíaz-Faes, Adrián A. ; González-Albo, Borja  ; Galindo, María Purificación; Bordons, María  artículo
5openAccessIntegrating metrics_Res_eval_postprint.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2016Integrating metrics to measure research performance in social sciences and humanities: The case of the Spanish CSICDíaz-Faes, Adrián A. ; Bordons Gangas, María ; van Leeuwen, Thedartículo
6openAccessmakinvisible.pdf.jpg2017Making visible the invisible through the analysis of acknowledgements in the humanitiesDíaz-Faes, Adrián A. ; Bordons, María  artículo
7openAccessBordons_et_al_october2014_post-print.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2015The relationship between the research performance of scientists and their position in co-authorship networks in three fieldsBordons, María  ; Aparicio, Javier  ; González-Albo, Borja  ; Díaz-Faes, Adrián A. artículo
8openAccessTwitter comm of attention around science - Díaz-Faes et al. (2019).pdf.jpg2019Towards a second generation of ‘altmetrics’: Characterizing the interactions of Twitter communities of attention around scienceDíaz-Faes, Adrián A. ; Bowman, Timothy D.; Costas, Rodrigoartículo
9openAccessTowards_Diaz_Fabes_Art2019.pdf.jpg22-May-2019Towards a second generation of ‘social media metrics’: Characterizing Twitter communities of attention around scienceDíaz-Faes, Adrián A. ; Bowman, Timothy D.; Costas, Rodrigoartículo
10openAccessCanonical Biplot_JoI_post_print.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2015Unravelling the performance of individual scholars: use of Canonical Biplot analysis to explore the performance of scientists by academic rank and scientific fieldDíaz-Faes, Adrián A. ; Costas Comesaña, Rodrigo ; Galindo, M. Purificación; Bordons, María  artículo
11openAccessAlvarez-Bornstein_postprint.pdf.jpg2019What characterises funded biomedical research? Evidence from a basic and a clinical domainÁlvarez Bornstein, Belén; Arias Díaz-Faes, Adrián ; Bordons Gangas, María artículo