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Martin, Therese
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CSIC - Instituto de Historia (IH)
Estudios Medievales. Grupo: Redes de Poder en las Sociedades Medievales
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Redes de Poder en las Sociedades Medievales.
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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccessMedieval Encounters_Caskets of Silver and Ivory.pdf.jpg2019Caskets of Silver and Ivory from Diverse Parts of the World: Strategic Collecting for an Iberian TreasuryMartin, Therese  artículo
2openAccessMartin_JMIS_palaces.pdf.jpg2010Chronicling the Iberian Palace: Written Sources and the Meanings of Medieval Christian Rulers' ResidencesMartin, Therese  artículo
3openAccessCrouching Crossbowmen_2015.pdf.jpg2015Crouching Crossbowmen in Early Twelfth-Century Sculpture: A Nasty, Brutish, and Short(-Lived) IconographyMartin, Therese  artículo
4openAccesseserv.pdf.jpg2001The Development of Winged Angels in Early Christian ArtMartin, Therese  artículo
5openAccesse-spania-12163-5-.pdf.jpg2008Hacia una clarificación del infantazgo en tiempos de la reina Urraca y su hija la infanta Sancha (ca. 1107-1159)Martin, Therese  artículo
6openAccessMartin_mujeres_Alfonso_VI.pdf.jpg2011Mujeres, hermanas e hijas: el mecenazgo femenino en la familia de Alfonso VIMartin, Therese  artículo
7openAccessrecasting_concept_pilgrimage_church.pdf.jpg2008Recasting the Concept of the "Pilgrimage Church": the Case of San Isidoro de LeónMartin, Therese  artículo
8openAccessMartin_Speculum.pdf.jpg2005The Art of a Reigning Queen as Dynastic Propaganda in Twelfth-Century SpainMartin, Therese  artículo
9openAccess129.pdf.jpg2008Una reconstrucción hipotética de la portada norte de la Real Colegiata de San Isidoro, LeónMartin, Therese  artículo
10openAccessWomens_spaces_illustrated_beatus_commentaries_MARTIN_Therese.pdf.jpg2018Women's Spaces —Real and Imagined— in the Illustrated Beatus CommentariesMartin, Therese  ; Williams, Johnartículo