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Isern-Fontanet, Jordi
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CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM)
Oceanografía Física y Tecnológica  
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His main interests are the dynamics of the ocean s upper layers, the characterization of ocean turbulence, the quantification of the associated horizontal and vertical fluxes and the understanding of their role in Earth s climate. To this end the approach he mainly follows consists on the systematic application of recent theoretical results to ocean and atmospheric observations such as remote sensing data. This approach is complemented with the analysis of numerical simulations. In addition to his interest on general processes, he is very interested in the understanding and modeling of the Mediterranean area. Pocesos oceánico de pequeña y mediana escala. Métodos avanzados de procesado de datos oceanográficos.
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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccess0807.3848v1.pdf.jpgJan-2009Comparison between Eulerian diagnostics and finite-size Lyapunov exponents computed from altimetry in the Algerian basinD'Ovidio, Francesco; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; López, Cristóbal  ; Hernández-García, Emilio  ; Hernández-García, Emilio  ; García-Ladona, Emilio  artículo
2openAccessOrue_et_al_2019.pdf.jpgFeb-2019Dataset on the TIC-MOC cruise onboard the R/V Hespérides, March 2015, Brazil-Malvinas ConfluenceOrúe-Echevarría, Dorleta; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís  ; de la Fuente, P. ; Emelianov, Mikhail  ; Gasser, Marc ; Herrero, Carmen ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Peña-Izquierdo, Jesús ; Ramírez, Sergio; Rosell Fieschi, Miquel ; Salvador, Joaquín ; Vidal, Montserratartículo
3closedAccess8-Jun-2007Detection of wave fronts in the Indian Ocean from geostationary sunglint satellite imageryTuriel, Antonio  ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; García-Ladona, Emilio  ; Young, J.A.artículo
4closedAccess18-Jan-2007Dispersion of passive tracers and finite-scale Lyapunov exponents in the Western Mediterranean SeaGarcía-Olivares, Antonio  ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; García-Ladona, Emilio  artículo
5openAccessM_Vila_et_al_2016.pdf.jpgSep-2016Establishing the link between Ostreopsis cf. ovata blooms and human health impacts using ecology and epidemiologyVila, Magda  ; Abós-Herràndiz, Rafael; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Àlvarez, Josep; Berdalet, Elisa  artículo
6closedAccessDec-2009Mass and nutrient fluxes around Sedlo SeamountMachín, Francisco; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís  ; Emelianov, Mikhail  ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; White, Martin; Bashmachnikov, Igor; Mohn, Christianartículo
7closedAccess24-Aug-2007Mesoscale eddies, surface circulation and the scale of habitat selection by immature loggerhead sea turtlesRevelles, M.; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Cardona, Luis; San Félix, M.; Carreras, C.; Aguilar, Alexartículo
8openAccessIsern_et_al_2007.pdf.jpg11-May-2007Microcanonical multifractal formalism: Application to the estimation of ocean surface velocitiesIsern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Turiel, Antonio  ; García-Ladona, Emilio  ; Font, Jordi artículo
9openAccessTuriel_et_al_2005.pdf.jpgSep-2005Multifractal Method for the Instantaneous Evaluation of the Stream Function in Geophysical FlowsTuriel, Antonio  ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; García-Ladona, Emilio  ; Font, Jordi artículo
10openAccessIsern_et_al_2006.pdf.jpgNov-2006Non-Gaussian Velocity Probability Density Functions: An Altimetric Perspective of the Mediterranean SeaIsern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; García-Ladona, Emilio  ; Font, Jordi ; García-Olivares, Antonio  artículo
11openAccessIsern_et_al_2017.pdf.jpgOct-2017Remote sensing of ocean surface currents: a review of what is being observed and what is being assimilatedIsern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Ballabrera-Poy, Joaquim  ; Turiel, Antonio  ; García-Ladona, Emilio  artículo
12openAccessgrl54525.pdf.jpgJun-2016Retrieval of eddy dynamics from SMOS sea surface salinity measurements in the Algerian Basin (Mediterranean Sea)Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Olmedo, Estrella ; Turiel, Antonio  ; Ballabrera-Poy, Joaquim  ; García-Ladona, Emilio  artículo
13closedAccessDec-2014Seasonal and mesoscale variability of primary production in the deep winter-mixing region of the NW MediterraneanEstrada, Marta  ; Latasa, Mikel ; Emelianov, Mikhail  ; Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, Andrés ; Fernández-Castro, B.; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Mouriño-Carballido, Beatriz; Salat, Jordi  ; Vidal, Montserratartículo
14openAccessTuriel_et_al_2014.pdf.jpgFeb-2014Sensibility to noise of new multifractal fusion methods for ocean variablesTuriel, Antonio  ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Umbert, Marta artículo
15closedAccessDec-2004Spatial structure of anticyclonic eddies in the Algerian basin (Mediterranean Sea) analyzed using the Okubo-Weiss parameterIsern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Font, Jordi ; García-Ladona, Emilio  ; Emelianov, Mikhail  ; Millot, C.; Taupier-Letage, I.artículo
16closedAccessDec-2007Stretching fields and lines in the transport dynamics of the Western MediterraneanHernández-García, Emilio  ; D'Ovidio, Francesco; Fernández, Vicente; García-Ladona, Emilio  ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; López, Cristóbal  ; Mancho, Ana M.; Small, Des; Wiggins, Stephenartículo
17openAccessGarcia_Ladona_et_al_2016.pdf.jpgSep-2016Thirty years of research and development of Lagrangian buoys at the Institute of Marine SciencesGarcía-Ladona, Emilio  ; Salvador, Joaquín ; Fernández Gallego, Pedro; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís  ; Elosegui, Pedro ; Sánchez, Oriol ; Jiménez Madrid, J. A. ; Pérez, Fernando ; Ballabrera-Poy, Joaquim  ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Salat, Jordi  ; Font, Jordi artículo
18openAccessFont_et_al_2004.pdf.jpgSep-2004Tracking a big anticyclonic eddy in the western Mediterranean SeaFont, Jordi ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; Jesús Salas, José deartículo
19openAccessIsern_et_al_2006.pdf.jpgJan-2006Vortices of the Mediterranean Sea: An Altimetric PerspectiveIsern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; García-Ladona, Emilio  ; Font, Jordi artículo
20openAccessTuriel_et_al_2007.pdf.jpgDec-2007Wavelet Filtering to Extract Coherent Vortices from Altimetric DataTuriel, Antonio  ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  ; García-Ladona, Emilio  artículo