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Abanades García, Juan Carlos
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CSIC - Instituto Nacional del Carbón (INCAR)
Carbón, Energía y Medioambiente. Grupo: Captura de CO2
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Captura de CO2
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1embargoedAccessNovel_air_reactor_Abanades_2020.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2020A novel air reactor concept for chemical looping combustion systems operated at high pressureAbanades García, Juan Carlos  ; Diego de Paz, María Elena  ; Fernández García, José Ramón  artículo
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019A sequential approach for the economic evaluation of new CO2 capture technologies for power plantsGuandalini, G.; Romano, M.C.; Ho, M.; Wiley, D.; Rubin, E.S.; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
3openAccessfenrg-08-00146.pdf.jpgJul-2020Advanced Packed-Bed Ca-Cu Looping Process for the CO2 Capture From Steel Mill Off-GasesFernández García, José Ramón  ; Spallina, Vincenzo; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
4openAccessAir_CO2_Capture_Abanades.pdf.jpg17-Feb-2020Air CO2 capture system based on the passive carbonation of large Ca(OH)2 structuresAbanades García, Juan Carlos  ; Álvarez Criado, Yolanda  ; Fernández García, José Ramón  artículo
5openAccess2011An analysis of the effect of carbonation conditions on CaO deactivation curvesArias Rozada, Borja  ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  ; Grasa, Gemma S.artículo
6openAccessBiomass_combustion_Alonso.pdf.jpgOct-2014Biomass combustion with in situ CO2 capture by CaO in a 300 kWth circulating fluidized bed facilityAlonso Carreño, Mónica ; Diego de Paz, María Elena  ; Pérez, C.; Chamberlain, J.R.; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
7openAccessBiomass_combustion_Experimental_Alonso.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2011Biomass Combustion with in Situ CO2 Capture by CaO. II. Experimental ResultsAlonso Carreño, Mónica ; Rodríguez Gómez, Nuria ; González García, Belén ; Arias Rozada, Borja  ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
8openAccessCalcination_kinetics_Fernandez_2019.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2019Calcination kinetics of cement raw meals under various CO2 concentrationsFernández García, José Ramón  ; Turrado Fernández, Sandra ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
9openAccessCalcium_looping_Criado_2017.pdf.jpg25-Aug-2017Calcium looping CO2 capture system for back-up power plantsÁlvarez Criado, Yolanda  ; Arias Rozada, Borja  ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
10openAccessDrop_Tube_Carbonator_Turrado.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2018Carbonation of Fine CaO Particles in a Drop Tube ReactorTurrado Fernández, Sandra ; Arias Rozada, Borja  ; Fernández García, José Ramón  ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
11openAccessCharacterization_Marl-Type_Alonso.pdf.jpg12-Nov-2018Characterization of a Marl-Type Cement Raw Meal as CO2 Sorbent for Calcium LoopingAlonso Carreño, Mónica ; Hornberger, Mathias; Spörl, Reinhold; Scheffknecht, Günter; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
12closedAccess22-Jan-2004Clean and efficient use of petroleum coke for combustion and power generationWang, Jinsheng; Anthony, Edward J.; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
13openAccessCO2_capture_Arias_ 2017.pdf.jpg24-Feb-2017CO2 Capture by Calcium Looping at Relevant Conditions for Cement Plants: Experimental Testing in a 30 kWth Pilot PlantArias Rozada, Borja  ; Alonso Carreño, Mónica ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
14closedAccess9-Nov-2006CO2 Capture Capacity of CaO in Long Series of Carbonation/Calcination CyclesGrasa Adiego, Gemma ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
15openAccessJCP_v187_2018_638-649.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2018CO2 capture in existing power plants using second generation Ca-Looping systems firing biomass in the calcinerMartínez Berges, Isabel; Arias Rozada, Borja  ; Grasa Adiego, Gemma ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
16openAccessCO2_carrying_Alonso.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2017CO2 Carrying Capacities of Cement Raw Meals in Calcium Looping SystemsAlonso Carreño, Mónica ; Álvarez Criado, Yolanda  ; Fernández García, José Ramón  ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
17openAccessComposite material_Criado.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2015Composite Material for Thermochemical Energy Storage Using CaO/Ca(OH)2Álvarez Criado, Yolanda  ; Alonso Carreño, Mónica ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo
18openAccessConceptual_design_Fernández_2017.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2017Conceptual design of a Ca–Cu chemical looping process for hydrogen production in integrated steelworksFernández García, José Ramón  ; Martínez, I.; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  ; Romano, M.C.artículo
19openAccessConceptual_design_Fernandez.pdf.jpgJan-2012Conceptual design of a hydrogen production process from natural gas with CO2 capture using a Ca–Cu chemical loopFernández García, José Ramón  ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  ; Murillo Villuendas, Ramón ; Grasa Adiego, Gemma artículo
20openAccessConceptual_design_Fernandez.pdf.jpg2014Conceptual design of a Ni-based chemical looping combustion process using fixed-bedsFernández García, José Ramón  ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  artículo