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Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.
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Gordillo-Vázquez, F. J.
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CSIC - Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA)
Sistema Solar. Grupo: Atmósferas Planetarias Terrestres
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Solar and Planetary Sciences
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1closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2002A quasianalytic kinetic model for nonequilibrium C2H2(1%)/H2/Ar RF plasmas of interest in nanocrystalline diamond growthGordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Albella, J. M. Artículo
2openAccessGordillo.pdf.jpg2008Air plasma kinetics under the influence of spritesGordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  Artículo
3openAccessGordillo.pdf.jpg2002An approach to the ejection mechanisms of Li atoms from pulsed excimer laser ablation of a LiNbO3 targetGordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  Artículo
4closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2003An effective-medium approach to the optical properties of heterogeneous materials with nonlinear propertiesGordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Pecharromán, Carlos Artículo
5openAccessIAA_2016_SurveysGeophysics_37.pdf.jpgJul-2016Atmospheric electrification in dusty, reactive gases in the solar system and beyondHelling, C; Harrison, R.G.; Honary, F.; Diver, D.A.; Aplin, K; Dobbs-Dixon, I; Ebert, U.; Inutsuka, S.; Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Littlefair, S.Artículo
6closedAccess14-Apr-2006Atom and Ion Chemistry in Low Pressure Hydrogen DC PlasmasMéndez, Isabel; Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Herrero, Víctor J. ; Tanarro, Isabel Artículo
7openAccessIAA_2015-JGR-SpacePhysics120(10).pdf.jpg2015Chemical and thermal impacts of sprite streamers in the Earth's mesosphereParra Rojas, Francisco C. ; Luque, Alejandro ; Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  Artículo
8openAccessGordillo.pdf.jpg3-May-2001Concentration of Li atoms in plasmas produced from laser ablation of LiNbO₃Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  Artículo
9openAccessIAA_2014-JGR-SpacePhysics119(10).pdf.jpg2014Coupling between atmospheric layers in gaseous giant planets due to lightning-generated electromagnetic pulsesLuque, Alejandro ; Dubrovin, D.; Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Ebert, U.; Parra Rojas, Francisco C. ; Yair, Y.; Price, C.Artículo
10openAccess2013-McKarthy-Plasma diagnostics.pdf.jpg2013Desarrollo de diagnósticos para plasmas: catalizador de nueva físicaMcKarthy, Kieran J.; Sola, Antonio; Anabitarte, E.; Bordel, N.; Cotrino, J.; Gómez-Aleixandre, C. ; Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Mar, Santiago; Martínez, R.; Rodríguez Prieto, G.; Tanarro, Isabel ; Trujillo Bueno, JavierArtículo
11openAccesshttpGetPDFServlet.pdf.jpgAug-2003Distinct nonequilibrium plasma chemistry of C2 affecting the synthesis of nanodiamond thin films from C2H2 (1%)/H2/Ar-rich plasmasGordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Albella, J. M. Artículo
12openAccessGordillo.pdf.jpg2002Effect of Ar and O2 atmospheres on the fundamental properties of the plasma produced by laser ablation of lithium niobateGordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Perea, Ángel ; Afonso, Carmen N. Artículo
13openAccessGordillo.pdf.jpg25-Apr-2005Electronic temperature and density of the plasma produced by nanosecond ultraviolet laser ablation of LiFGordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Perea, Ángel ; MacKierman, A. P.; Afonso, Carmen N. Artículo
14closedAccess2006Expansion of the spectral representation function of a composite material in a basis of Legendre polynomials: Experimental determination and analytic approximationsPecharromán, Carlos ; Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  Artículo
15openAccessManuscript REVIEW-Special Issue CVD on PECVD HIGHLIGHTED.pdf.jpg2007From carbon nanostructures to new photoluminescence sources: an overview of new perspectives and emerging applications of low pressure PECVDGordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Herrero, Víctor J. ; Tanarro, Isabel Artículo
16openAccessIAA_2016_AppliedOptics_Luque.pdf.jpg9-Aug-2016GRASSP: a spectrograph for the study of transient luminous eventsPassas, María ; Sánchez del Río, Justo ; Sanchez Blanco, Ernesto; Luque, Alejandro ; Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  Artículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2005High spatial resolution in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of expanding plasmasSiegel, Jan  ; Epurescu, G.; Perea, Ángel ; Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Afonso, Carmen N. Artículo
18openAccessIAA_2018_JGR_D_Gordillo.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2018High Spectral Resolution Spectroscopy of Sprites: A Natural Probe of the MesosphereGordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Passas, María ; Luque, Alejandro ; Sánchez del Río, Justo ; van der Velde, O. A.; Montanya, J.Artículo
19openAccessart30.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2005Imaging the dissociation processs of O2 background gas during pulsed laser ablation of LiNbO3Epurescu, G.; Siegel, Jan  ; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Afonso, Carmen N. Artículo
20openAccessGordillo-Afonso.pdf.jpg4-Oct-2002Influence of Ar and O₂ atmospheres on the Li atom concentration in the plasma produced by laser ablation of LiNbO₃Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Afonso, Carmen N. Artículo