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Firma en Digital.CSIC (*):
Valverde, Ángel
Otras firmas:
Valverde Pérez, Ángel
Centro o Instituto:
CSIC - Geociencias Barcelona (Geo3Bcn)
Structure and Dynamics of the Earth and Crystallography. Research Group: Structure and Dynamics of the Earth
Categoría Profesional:
Graduate Researcher
The main objective is to understand how the Earth works at different scales through the integration of a wide range of different datasets and methodologies, including Geophysics and Geology, Numerical Modeling, Geodesy, and Geochemistry.
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1openAccessGarcia-Castellanos_EGU2019-5129.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2019Thermomechanical 2D model for a lithosphere transect of North Iberia: reconciling theories of its Cenozoic geodynamic evolution.Valverde, Ángel  ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Moresi, L. N.; Farrington, R. J.póster de congreso
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg27-Aug-2017The role of elasticity and plasticity in crustal shortening and topography evolution, insights from two-dimensional mechanical modelValverde, Ángel  ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone  ; MOresi, L. N.; Farrington, R. J.póster de congreso
3openAccessCortes-Picas_EGU2017-6638.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2017The ICTJA-CSIC ScienceWeek 2016: an open door to Earth Sciences for secondary education studentsCortes-Picas, Jordi; Diaz, J. ; Fernandez-Turiel, J. L.  ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Geyer, Adelina  ; Jurado, Maria José  ; Montoya, Encarnación  ; Rejas, Marta  ; Sánchez-Pastor, Pilar ; Valverde, Ángel  póster de congreso
4closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg28-Jun-2016Modelización de deformaciones volcánicas: efecto de la topografía y heterogeneidades mecánicas del medio. Aplicación a la erupción de El Hierro (2011-2012)Valverde, Ángel  ; Charco, María ; Negredo, Ana M. ; Villaseñor, Antonio  ; Fullea, J. ; Benito-Saz, Maria; González, Pablo J.comunicación de congreso
5openAccessEGU2018-5108-1.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2018Crustal detachment levels may control transmission of intraplate deformation: A lithosphere transect of North IberiaValverde, Ángel  ; García-Castellanos, Daniel  ; Jiménez-Munt, Ivone ; Fernandez, Manel  ; Vergés Llahí, Jaume; Moresi, L. N.; Farrington, R. J.póster de congreso