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Drummond, Jennifer D.
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CSIC - Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Blanes (CEAB)
Ecología Continental. Ecología integrativa de aguas continentales
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Investigadora post-doctoral
Hydrologic processes of fine particles (i.e. particulate organic carbon and fine sediment) and microbes; Groundwater-surface water interactions; Multi-scale computational modeling methods; Fine particle and microbial tracer experiments; Microbial ecology; Biogeochemical processes. My research focuses on the underlying mechanisms that control water, microbial, and fine particle (i.e. POC and fine sediment) transport and retention within freshwater systems to improve stream ecosystem functioning and assess microbial risk within agricultural and urban systems. Through a combined experimental (lab and field) and computational approach I investigate the controlling factors at multiple scales for key environmental processes such as carbon and nutrient (i.e. nitrogen and phosphorus) cycling in both their dissolved and particulate forms, disease transmission via waterways, and stream ecosystem health due to microbial, carbon and nutrient point and non-point source inputs.
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1closedAccessRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Benthic biofilm controls on fine particle dynamics in streamsRoche, K. R.; Drummond, Jennifer D. ; Boano, F.; Packman, A.; Battin, T. J.; Hunter, W. R.artículo
2openAccessWard 2019.pdf.jpg2019Co-located contemporaneous mapping of morphological, hydrological, chemical, and biological conditions in a 5th-order mountain stream network, Oregon, USAWard, Adam S.; Zarnetske, Jay P.; Baranov, Viktor; Blaen, P. J.; Brekenfeld, Nicolai; Chu, Rosalie; Derelle, Romain; Drummond, Jennifer D. ; Fleckenstein, Jan H.; Garayburu-Caruso, Vanessa; Graham, Emily B.; Hannah, David M.; Harman, Ciaran J.; Herzog, Skuyler; Hixson, Jase; Knapp, Julia L. A.; Krause, Stefan; Kurz, Marie J.; Lewandowski, Jörg; Li, Angang; Martí, Eugènia ; Miller, Melinda; Milner, A. M.; Neil, Kerry; Orsini, Luisa; Packman, Aaron Ian; Plont, Stephen; Renteria, Lupita; Roche, Kevin R.; Royer, Todd; Schmadel, N. M.; Segura, Catalina; Stegen, James; Toyoda, Jason; Wells, Jacqueline; Wisnoski, Nathan I.; Wondzell, Steven M.artículo
3openAccessDrummond 2018.pdf.jpg2018Cryptosporidium oocyst persistence in agricultural streams –a mobile-immobile model framework assessmentDrummond, Jennifer D. ; Boano, F.; Atwill, E. R.; Li, Xunde; Harter, T.; Packman, A.artículo
4embargoedAccess2018Emergent Macrophyte Root Architecture Controls Subsurface Solute TransportNikolakopoulou, Myrto; Argerich, A. ; Drummond, Jennifer D. ; Gacia, Esperança  ; Martí, Eugènia ; Sorolla, Albert; Sabater, Francesc artículo
5openAccessDrummond 2019.pdf.jpg2019Exploring Tracer Information and Model Framework Trade‐Offs to Improve Estimation of Stream Transient Storage ProcessesKelleher, Christa; Ward, Adam S.; Knapp, Julia L. A.; Blaen, P. J.; Kurz, Marie J.; Drummond, Jennifer D. ; Zarnetske, Jay P.; Hannah, David M.; Mendoza‐Lera, C.; Schmadel, N. M.; Datry, Thibault; Lewandowski, Jörg; Milner, A. M.; Krause, Stefanartículo
6closedAccess2017Fine particle retention within stream storage areas at base flow and in response to a storm eventDrummond, Jennifer D. ; Larsen, Laurel G.; González-Pinzón, Ricardo; Packman, A.; Harvey, Judson W.artículo
7closedAccess2017FracFit: A Robust Parameter Estimation Tool for Fractional Calculus ModelsKelly, James F.; Bolster, Diogo; Meerschaert, Mark M.; Drummond, Jennifer D. ; Packman, A.artículo
8closedAccessMarti 2.pdf.jpg2017Impacts of water level on metabolism and transient storage in vegetated lowland rivers - insights from a mesocosm studyKurz, Marie J.; Drummond, Jennifer D. ; Martí, Eugènia ; Zarnetske, Jay P.; Lee-Cullin, Joseph; Klaar, Megan J.; Folegot, Silvia; Keller, Toralf; Ward, Adam S.; Fleckenstein, Jan H.; Datry, Thibault; Hannah, David M.; Krause, Stefanartículo
9closedAccessRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Less Fine Particle Retention in a Restored Versus Unrestored Urban Stream: Balance Between Hyporheic Exchange, Resuspension, and ImmobilizationDrummond, Jennifer D. ; Larsen, Laurel G.; González-Pinzón, Ricardo; Packman, A.; Harvey, Judson W.artículo
10closedAccess2017Low flow controls on stream thermal dynamicsFolegot, Silvia; Hannah, David M.; Dugdale, Stephen J.; Kurz, Marie J.; Drummond, Jennifer D. ; Klaar, Megan J.; Lee-Cullin, Joseph; Keller, Toralf; Martí, Eugènia ; Zarnetske, Jay P.; Ward, Adam S.; Krause, Stefanartículo
11openAccessKnapp 2017.pdf.jpg2017Tracer-based characterization of hyporheic exchange and benthic biolayers in streamsKnapp, Julia L. A.; González-Pinzón, Ricardo; Drummond, Jennifer D. ; Larsen, Laurel G.; Cirpka, Olaf A.; Harvey, Judson W.artículo
12openAccessDrummond 2018.pdf.jpg2018Woody debris is related to reach‐scale hotspots of lowland stream ecosystem respiration under baseflow conditionsBlaen, P. J.; Kurz, Marie J.; Drummond, Jennifer D. ; Knapp, Julia L. A.; Mendoza‐Lera, C.; Schmadel, N. M.; Klaar, Megan J.; Jäger, A.; Folegot, Silvia; Lee-Cullin, Joseph; Ward, Adam S.; Zarnetske, Jay P.; Datry, Thibault; Milner, A. M.; Lewandowski, Jörg; Hannah, David M.; Krause, Stefanartículo