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Nieto, Pedro M.
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Nieto Mesa, Pedro Manuel
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CSIC-USE - Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas (IIQ)
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Investigador Científico
Glycosciences; nmr spectroscopy; molecular recognition; molecular modeling
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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1closedAccess2006Backbone dynamics of a biologically active human FGF-1 monomer, complexed to a hexasaccharide heparin-analogue, by 15N NMR relaxation methodsCanales, Ángeles ; Fayos, Rosa ; Angulo, Jesús ; Ojeda, Rafael; Martín-Pastor, Manuel; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Martín-Lomas, Manuel; Lozano, R.M. ; Giménez-Gallego, Guillermo ; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús Artículo
2closedAccess2-Apr-2005Conformational Flexibility of a Synthetic Glycosylaminoglycan Bound to a Fibroblast Growth Factor. FGF-1 Recognizes Both the 1C4 and 2SO Conformations of a Bioactive Heparin-like HexasaccharideCanales, Ángeles ; Angulo, Jesús ; Ojeda, Rafael; Bruix, M. ; Fayos, Rosa ; Lozano, R.M. ; Giménez-Gallego, Guillermo ; Martín-Lomas, Manuel; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús Artículo
3closedAccess1-Jul-2005Conformational Study of GPI Anchors: the Common Oligosaccharide GPI Anchor BackboneChevalier, Franck; López-Prados, Javier; Pérez, Serge; Martín-Lomas, Manuel; Nieto, Pedro M.  Artículo
4openAccessb802144a.pdf.jpg5-Jun-2008Docking, synthesis, and NMR studies of mannosyl trisaccharide ligands for DC-SIGN lectinReina, José J. ; Díaz-Contreras, Irene; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Campillo, Nuria E. ; Páez, Juan A. ; Tabarini, Georges; Fieschi, Franck; Rojo, Javier Artículo
5closedAccess15-Jun-2005Dynamic properties of biologically active synthetic heparin-like hexasaccharidesAngulo, Jesús ; Hricovíni, Milo; Gairi, Margarida; Guerrini, Marco; de Paz, José L.; Ojeda, Rafael; Martín-Lomas, Manuel; Nieto, Pedro M.  Artículo
6openAccesscarbohydrate-aromatic_stacking_Morales.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2008Experimental Measurement of Carbohydrate–Aromatic Stacking in Water by Using a Dangling-Ended DNA Model SystemMorales, Juan Carlos; Reina, José J. ; Díaz-Contreras, Irene; Aviñó, Anna; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Eritja Casadellà, RamónArtículo
7openAccess30-Mar-2010Exploration of the use of an acylsulfonamide safety-catch linker for the polymer-supported synthesis of hyaluronic acid oligosaccharidesde Paz, José L.; Kayser, M. Mar ; Macchione, Giuseppe ; Nieto, Pedro M.  Artículo
8closedAccess2005Gender dimorphism and altitudinal variation of secondary compounds in leaves of the gynodioecious shrub Daphne laureolaAlonso, Conchita ; Pérez, Ricardo ; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Delgado-Martín, J. Artículo
9closedAccess21-May-2010Ligand–Receptor Binding Affinities from Saturation Transfer Difference (STD) NMR Spectroscopy: The Binding Isotherm of STD Initial Growth RatesAngulo, Jesús ; Enríquez-Navas, Pedro Miguel; Nieto, Pedro M.  Artículo
10openAccess23-Nov-2010Microwave-assisted sulfonation of heparin oligosaccharidesMaza, Susana ; de Paz, José L.; Nieto, Pedro M.  Artículo
11closedAccess22-May-2009Mutants of the Arabidopsis thaliana Cation/H+ Antiporter AtNHX1 Conferring Increased Salt Tolerance in Yeast . The Endosome/prevacuolar compartment is a target for salt toxicityHernández, Agustín ; Jiang, Xingyu ; Cubero, Beatriz  ; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Bressan, Ray A.; Hasegawa, Paul M.; Pardo, José M. Artículo
12openAccessJun-2010Nitration of tyrosine 74 prevents human cytochrome c to play a key role in apoptosis signaling by blocking caspase-9 activationGarcía-Heredia, José M. ; Díaz-Moreno, Irene ; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Orzáez, Mar; Kocanis, Stella; Teixeira, Miguel S.; Pérez-Payá, Enrique ; Díaz-Quintana, Antonio; Rosa, Miguel A. de la Artículo
13closedAccessMar-2005NMR Analysis of the Transient Complex between Membrane Photosystem I and Soluble Cytochrome c6Díaz-Moreno, Irene ; Díaz-Quintana, Antonio; Molina-Heredia, Fernando P. ; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Hansson, Örjan; Rosa, Miguel A. de la ; Göran Karlsson, B.Artículo
14closedAccess2008NMR Structural Studies of Oligosaccharides Related to Cancer ProcessesJiménez-Barbero, Jesús ; Díaz, M. D.; Nieto, Pedro M.  Artículo
15closedAccess25-Feb-2010Polymer-Supported Synthesis of Oligosaccharides Using a Diisopropylsiloxane Linker and Trichloroacetimidate DonorsKayser, M. Mar ; de Paz, José L.; Nieto, Pedro M.  Artículo
16closedAccess21-Aug-2008Saturation Transfer Difference (STD) NMR Spectroscopy Characterization of Dual Binding Mode of a Mannose Disaccharide to DC-SIGNAngulo, Jesús ; Díaz-Contreras, Irene; Reina, José J. ; Tabarini, Georges; Fieschi, Franck; Rojo, Javier ; Nieto, Pedro M.  Artículo
17closedAccess21-Sep-2006Solution NMR structure of a human FGF-1 monomer, activated by a hexasaccharide heparin-analogueCanales, Ángeles ; Lozano, R.M. ; López-Méndez, Blanca; Angulo, Jesús ; Ojeda, Rafael; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Martín-Lomas, Manuel; Giménez-Gallego, Guillermo ; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús Artículo
18closedAccessOct-2006Structure and dynamics of the conserved protein GPI anchor core inserted into detergent micellesChevalier, Franck; López-Prados, Javier; Groves, Patrick ; Pérez, Serge; Martín-Lomas, Manuel; Nieto, Pedro M.  Artículo
19closedAccess24-Jul-2008Synthesis of Novel DC-SIGN Ligands with an α-Fucosylamide AnchorTimpano, Gabriele; Tabarini, Georges; Anderluh, Marko; Invernizzi, Donatella; Vasile, Francesca; Potenza, Donatella; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Rojo, Javier ; Fieschi, Franck; Bernardi, AnnaArtículo