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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess15-Mar-2003T Cell activation in vivo targets diacylglycerolk kinase  to the membrane: A novel mechanism for ras attenuationSanjuan, Miguel; Pradet-Balade, Bérengère; Jones, David R.; Martínez, Carlos; Stone, James C.; García-Sanz, José A.; Merida, Isabel
closedAccess26-Aug-2011T cell receptor internalization from the immunological synapse is mediated by TC21 and RhoG GTPase-dependent phagocytosisMartínez Martín, Nuria; Fernández-Arenas, Elena; Delgado, Pilar; Bustelo, Xosé R.; Alarcón, Balbino
closedAccess1992T double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) sequence reveals that T and W dsRNAs form a new RNA family in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Identification of 23 S RNA as the single-stranded form of T dsRNAEsteban, Luis Miguel; Rodríguez-Cousiño, Nieves; Esteban, Rosa
closedAccess2012T g depression and invariant segmental dynamics in polystyrene thin filmsBoucher, Virginie M.; Cangialosi, Daniele; Alegría, Ángel; Colmenero de León, Juan; Universidad del País Vasco; Gobierno Vasco; Gobierno Vasco; Ministerio de Educación (España); Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (España); European Commission, et al
openAccess16-Oct-2003The t+n+n system and H-5Meister, M.; Chulkov, L. V.; Simon, H.; Aumann, T.; García Borge, María José; Elze, Th. W.; Emling, H.; Geissel, H.; Hellström, M.; Jonson, B., et al
openAccess2013T-cell Intracellular Antigen (TIA)-Proteins Deficiency in Murine Embryonic Fibroblasts Alters Cell Cycle Progression and Induces AutophagySánchez-Jiménez, Carmen; Izquierdo, José Manuel
openAccessSep-2013T-cell Intracellular Antigen (TIA)-Proteins Deficiency in Murine Embryonic Fibroblasts Alters Cell Cycle Progression and Induces AutophagySánchez-Jiménez, Carmen; Izquierdo, José M.
openAccess27-Feb-2015T-lex2: Genotyping, frequency estimation and re-annotation of transposable elements using single or pooled next-generation sequencing dataFiston-Lavier, Anna-Sophie; Barrón, Maite G.; Petrov, Dmitri A.; González Pérez, Josefa; National Institutes of Health (US); European Commission; France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies; Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona; Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (España)
openAccess2011T-lex: a program for fast and accurate assessment of transposable element presence using next-generation sequencing dataFiston-Lavier, Anna-Sophie; Carrigan, Matthew; Petrov, Dmitri A.; González Pérez, Josefa
openAccessJun-2014T-RFLP detection of bacterial populations potentially resident in the abomasum of lactating sheepCastro Carrera, Tamara; Toral, Pablo G.; Hervás, Gonzalo; Frutos, Pilar; Belenguer, Álvaro
openAccess15-Oct-2010T-RFPred: a nucleotide sequence size prediction tool for microbial community description based on terminal-restriction fragment length polymorphism chromatogramsFernàndez-Guerra, Antoni; Buchan, Alison; Mou, Xiaozhen; Casamayor, Emilio O.; González, José M.
openAccess31-Aug-2006T-shaped microcantilever sensor with reduced deflection offsetPlaza, José Antonio; Zinoviev, Kirill; Villanueva, G.; Álvarez, Mar; Tamayo de Miguel, Francisco Javier; Domínguez, Carlos; Lechuga, Laura M.
openAccess23-Jul-2010T-Shaped Platinum(II) Complexes Stabilised by Bulky N-Heterocyclic Carbene LigandsRivada-Wheelaghan, Orestes; Donnadieu, Bruno; Maya, Celia; Conejero Iglesias, Salvador
openAccess2010t-SNARE cluster organization and dynamics in chromaffin cellsLópez-Font, Inmaculada; Torregrosa-Hetland, Cristina J.; Villanueva, José; Gutiérrez, Luis M.
closedAccess2012T-type Ca 2+ channels in mouse embryonic stem cells: Modulation during cell cycle and contribution to self-renewalRodríguez-Gómez, José A.; Levitsky, Konstantin L.; López-Barneo, José
closedAccess2004T3 and Triac inhibit leptin secretion and expression in brown and white rat adipocytesMedina-Gómez, G.; Calvo, Rosa M.; Obregón, María Jesús
closedAccess1996T3 potentiates the adrenergic stimulation of type II 5'-deiodinase activity in cultured rat brown adipocytesHernández, Arturo; Obregón, María Jesús
openAccessMay-1999T4 RNA ligase catalyzes the synthesis of dinucleoside polyphosphatesAtencia, Eva Ana; Madrid, Olga; Günther Sillero, María A.; Sillero, Antonio
openAccess2011El tabaco de Santo Domingo y su exportación a Cádiz y Sevilla (siglos XVI y XVIII)Gutiérrez Escudero, Antonio
openAccess1999El tabaco en Santo Domingo y su exportación a Sevilla (época colonial)Gutiérrez Escudero, Antonio